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1. Cannabis Fashion-Cannabis Clothing

Cannabis clothing is something that has been around since the early 1900’s but was not well known until recently. With the legalization of marijuana across the United States and Canada, people are now wanting to know how to dress themselves while they are stoned out of their minds! Well here we go, I have laid down some information about what you should look for in your cannabis clothing.

2. Canvas Tops/Shirts

When you are first starting out growing your own weed, you want to make sure to have a good quality shirt. A great thing to get is a canvas top designed specifically for cannabis growers. These shirts are usually a bit thicker than cotton shirts and are a bit heavier weight. They don’t stretch out like regular shirts do making them perfect if you are going to be taking off your clothes often. Another thing to consider is that these shirts are washable meaning that after you’ve worn it out in the garden, you can give it a rinse in water and put it back on again when you’re ready without having to worry about ruining the shirt.

3. Socks

Socks are an excellent way to protect yourself from getting stoned on your feet. Stoners tend to take longer walks and sometimes sit for extended amounts of time doing nothing. If you plan on sitting long hours at a computer or gaming console, socks are a good idea. Make sure to keep a pair of socks that is breathable for easy air circulation.

A fashion designer has always been someone who can create something that people want to wear, but not many are aware about what they do before being successful. They have to follow their heart and mind, and do things that make them happy. Fashion designers are often the ones who work hard to design clothes that other people would love wearing. The art of creating garments is a craft that requires a lot of practice in order to perfect. When you go into the world of fashion design, you need to understand that you cannot just start selling your designs right away. So how do you get started? Well, you need to keep some tips in mind and learn everything that you need to know. Some of these ways include learning from others who have already gone through this process.

4. Get Inspired

The first step to becoming a fashion designer is to find out what type of clothing you like and what kind you don’t like. Do you like dresses? Or maybe you prefer jeans? There are different types of clothing that everyone likes and dislikes. That’s why you should take note of those items that you enjoy wearing and those that you dislike. You can then use that information to come up with your own ideas.

5. Create Your Own Style

Once you’ve got a good idea about what you like and what you dislike, you can then move forward to creating your own style. Start off by brainstorming. Think about what colors and shapes you wish you could wear. What kind of outfits would you want to wear? Once you’ve had your brainstorm, you should give yourself time to think about what you would create if you were inspired. Then you can put together your sketches and pictures based on what you came up with.

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