How To Clear Cache on Roku

1. 2. Tap X-ray then tap on your device.

3. Look for any app that has been installed recently.

4. Open that app from the list and uninstall it.

5. If you find an app that does not have root access disable it. (If it’s Netflix)

6.1. 2. Now go to your Home screen and press the home button twice to open the app drawer. Then scroll down and tap Clear Cache from the menu. You can now choose which specific app(s) you want to clear the cache for. If this doesn’t work then try restarting your device.

Clear data and Cache

1. Refresh your home screen after clearing data

2. Restart Roku device If this video helped you please consider supporting me at

3. Press and hold the menu button for 4 seconds

4. Choose Settings from the menu

5. Scroll down until you find ‘System’

6. Scroll back up to the top of the list and select Reset

7. Confirm your selection by pressing the home button again

8. Wait for the system to reboot

9. Go into the application store (appstore) and search for Netflix

10. Open the app and sign in using your Roku credentials

11. Select Clear Cache

12. When prompted to restart your device, follow the instructions above

13. You should be good to go!

14. 2. Scroll down until you find “Roku Library”. Clear the cache here at your own risk.

15. If that didn’t work for you, try clearing other caches, like the Amazon App Store, Youtube, etc. You can do this by going into their specific settings menus.

16. 2. Select Apps from left menu. (Or if you’re using Android TV) Click on Manage Space Usage.

17. Then scroll down until you find apps that are taking up too much space. Select them and hit Clear Cache.

Gus Massa

The article has some useful information about how to use rtmpdump but I’m not

sure if that’s really necessary for clearing cache (it’s easier to do it from

an Android phone).

If your Roku is getting too slow and laggy, you may want to try clearing its cache data. Clearing cache data on your Roku device can help improve device performance and reduce lags. This article shows how to clear caches on the Roku Player.

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