Summer travel Brace for hassles and high prices

Summer travel Brace for hassles and high prices
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1. Traveling is great fun! Whether you travel alone or with friends and family, traveling gives you the opportunity to experience something new, meet new people and learn about different cultures. There are many benefits of traveling. When traveling, I think that we can have a glimpse into what our everyday life would be like if we were suddenly placed into a completely different environment. Through this lens, we can begin to appreciate things…

Top 10 Best Places To Visit in India

2. Traveling

 This was a really fun video, I hope you enjoy watching! If you want to have travel photography featured in my videos, let me know! When would you like to feature? And if you can’t wait until then to see your travel photo featured, please send a high resolution version to me at!

 3. Destinations

 This is just a compilation of some of my favorite destinations around the world. Some are better than others but that’s why we travel right?! This list includes places from Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Oceania. Hope you guys enjoyed this video and subscribe if you haven’t already 🙂 Thanks for watching!


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I am currently traveling to sunny San Diego California! I have about 10 days until my flight leaves from Boston airport. Once again, I’m going to be producing some videos while I’m away. If you want to get a hold of me while I’m gone – here’s my email address 🙂

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This video was created under request from several patrons of the channel! I wanted to make something that would show off my voice work ability & music skills. Please enjoy 🙂

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4. California

California has some of the best weather conditions for cannabis cultivation. It offers great heat throughout the summer months and cool temperatures from October through March. There are many different varieties of marijuana that thrive well in this climate.

5. Canada

Canada produces much of the world’s medical grade cannabis. This means that the government strictly controls the production and distribution of their weed. In order to gain access to these legal buds, you’ll need to live in federally legalized provinces like Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba.

6. Mexico

Mexico is another country that has recently started producing high-quality cannabis strains. It does so because of its rich history of using hemp plants for fiber and other products. Today, there are several large companies that produce recreational and medicinal marijuana in Mexico. Mexican weed is widely known for its strong effects, especially its THC levels.

7. Traveling by air

 Air travel is getting cheaper and more accessible every day. So many people travel by air that competition has driven down the price per mile drastically. However, this doesn’t mean that traveling by plane isn’t expensive at all. Yes, you get what you pay for. But if you are willing to do some research beforehand, save money, and know how to fly smart, then you can avoid wasting time and money when flying.

 When flying, whether its first class or coach, you should never ever ever pack your bags in the overhead bins. Overhead bin baggage fees are typically $50-$100 each way. You’re much better off checking your bag at least 15-20 minutes prior to boarding. That’s right – no matter how cheap the ticket may be, always check your bag!

 Another thing that can help reduce your cost is packing light. If you don’t need that extra pair of shoes, bring one less jacket. You may even want to consider skipping that second bottle of water. By cutting out these items, not only will you have saved money but also will conserve resources.

 If you have any questions about traveling or are interested in finding out how I managed to become a frequent flyer by using this strategy, comment below!


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