January 20, 2022


By Usman Mahmood

Faisalabad to NARAN KAGHAN by Road

Pakistan is beautiful country and all world people know that Pakistan country is stealing gold. In this country live all type off peoples and all peoples are full of freedom. Pakistan country Most Beautiful country and this country all city lot of beautiful each one other. Today I talk with you this city is this city name is NARAN KAGHAN. Naran Kaghan is so beautiful city of Pakistan. In this article I will tell you about this city Because me my Brothers and my all friends visit this site city and sorry for that I not tell you I live in Faisalabad Pakistan so I tell you all my tour story Faisalabad To Naran Kaghan.

Okay so let’s start journey Faisalabad to Naran kaghan. Today is 25september 2021 me my brothers and my all friends start journey Faisalabad to Naran kaghan at my home all friends come my home near by 10 o’clock the tourism company vehicle also come in time at my home. We setup in vehicle near by 11 o’clock and vehicle now run up on the road and start journey now.

1st vehicle stay

The journey is start we start enjoy with friends in the vehicle and all friends and brothers hooting each other at 2 or 3 hours after we take first stay Bhera. Bhera is the beautiful stay area were all tourism stay now so my 1st vehicle stay Bhera nearby Islamabad also I tell you that this Bhera stay area station only come when you on motorway M3. Now we stay there 30 minutes and some of person drink tea and some of person take different FOOD. After 30 or 1 hour we start next journey and again we all person chilling in the vehicle at last now the time is up and next stay nearby.

2nd vehicle stay

After Bhera stay my next stay was petrol pump near Peshawar city we all person pray Namaza Fajjar there we 2nd vehicle stay not more than 30 minutes and after 30 minutes journey start next point which point name is Balakot were we take Breakfast I tell you next point but I tell you that in this all journey my respect able teacher Mr. Muhammad Amjad also with her. You can see the below my teacher pic.

So we start journey now for next step on the way we can see most beautiful view which I not see in my life before also I see beautiful sun rise view the all view which I see on the way not forgettable and we like very much so at least we reach my next point.

3rd stay Balakot for Breakfast

Now we reach here Balakot is small city but is that so beautiful city when you enter this city you can see different type off people all people so nice person and all people is respect able and hospitable so we stay Balakot  Hotal we take breakfast there and take some pics and make video now everyone so tide about this journey but they enjoy now  after  2 hours we start next journey and now my next stay was Naran kaghan.

Please note that when you start journey Balakot to Naran kaghan you can drive your vehicle Full slow with care because the next journey balakot to Naran kaghan is so difficult and you can cross Big mountain you can see the beautiful view there some of people which going there he cannot see out of the vehicle because when he see now they fell so afraid so my journey start and we again start enjoy and in the vechicle near by 1 hours I stay a Beautiful  point  the point name is Sorry for that I forget but you can see the pic below. In this point you can see the people set in the water and eat food and some other thing which he want to like so we stay there now around about 20 minutes and take some pics and make movie there so we start now next journey

on the road you can see the Diamer-Bhasha Dam

now after 12 hours travel Alhamdulillah we reached Naran kaghan.  The sunny day so beautiful lot of truism come there and now we stay Rose valley Beautiful hotel

and all person go to room and stay there and we enjoy now all person so much tide and all person take reset now. So guess in next article I will tell you about naran kaghan stay story  so hope you enjoy my this article thanks.