Hair Trends Unleashed: 2024’s Hottest Styles and Innovations

Hair Trends

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Hair Trends GQ has collaborated with Joe Mills, the visionary behind the renowned Soho salon Joe and Co., to delve into the latest trends in hairstyling for the current year.

Buzz cuts

It is a good thing that hair will grow back (in most cases). If you want to give yourself a bit of a reset in 2024, a buzz cut is always a good option. The true test of whether something suits you is giving it a shot. Just look at Michael B. Jordan to see how amazing it can turn out.

Even though it looks easy to DIY, we’d still suggest hitting up your barber and getting it done professionally. If you do that, your Hair Trends won’t look patchy, and when it grows back (fingers crossed), it will look nice and even. But who knows. Maybe you’ll keep it buzzed for a lifetime.

Clean growth

It’s all about growing your hair long, but keeping it neat and tidy. We all did this a few years ago during lockdown, and many people have decided to keep it.

Parting in the center

In 2024, hairstylists are adept at crafting intricate layers and textures for long hair, creating a look that effortlessly moves and cascades with a natural flow. 

This particular look not only catches the eye with its visual charm but also entices one to feel its texture, becoming a preferred option for individuals and their significant others as they go about their day.

Edgar Allan Poe

While the name “Edgar” might not ring a bell, you’ve surely come across this hairstyle in recent months, if not moments ago.The Jumano tribe, whose Hair Trends originated between 1500 and 1700, developed this style slowly becoming one of the most popular hair trends out there. The trend has shifted from soap makers in Brixton to craft beer enthusiasts in Shoreditch, who are now embracing this style.

DiCaprio’s Leo

Having grown up watching James Cameron’s Titanic, you’ve always lusted after Leonardo DiCaprio’s locks. Since you’re now earning your own income and handling your taxes independently, you have the freedom to experiment with your Hair Trends as you please.

If your hair doesn’t naturally flow backward, consider using a quality wax to delicately comb it in that direction for a polished look.You’re now on top of the world.

Mullets in modern times

It’s the one you’d die for

In this year’s fashion trend, bright bold tones are proving to be more popular than ever. These hairstyles are ideal for individuals seeking a fresh look or aiming to transform their appearance. Scene kids colored their hair in all kinds of shades in the early ’00s, a style popular with rebellious crowds.

Parting on the side

A side parting has been around since the ’40s and was part of old Hollywood’s official uniform. This cut is definitely more formal, but has been seen a lot on the runways of Paris and Milan this season.

The ultimate side parting like Henry Cavill can be achieved by holding a decent comb to the scalp, moving it slowly down the scalp, a couple of centimetres to the Positioned either to the left or right of the center line. To keep everything in place, grab yourself a good pomade, and choose one with a glossier texture if you want a vintage look.

The high-volume swept-forward look that rules TikTok has made its way into the wild and onto the likes of Noah Beck.

There’s nothing like curls for this vibe, but you can achieve something similar with a perm. One of the biggest and most desired hair trends of 2024 is going shorter at the back and sides, and pairing it with a volumised bro flo at the front.


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