October 19, 2021


By Usman Mahmood

MyChart Ohio Health

Here I am going to make a complete review of MyChart Application, benefits of this application and how you can use this application.

Firslty, I am going to tell you:n What is MyChart?

MyChart is a free and secure online portal to exchange messages with your provider, request appopintments, renew prescriptions, check and see your test results online andd much more.

You can download Ohio state Myhealrth application at any device, this application has access to any device whether it is android or an Ios smart phones. You can also get this application in your tablet and for the laptops and computers you can use MyChart website. You should have to create an account on MyChart application then you can get benefit has access to the services of MyChart and it is very simple to creat an account on MyChart.

Now I am going to tell you the services and what benefits you can get by using this application.

  1. Message your health care provider:

                                                                  You should have to take a time to from your doctors to discuss about your medical health and you should have to wait for it to get proper medical guidance from your doctor. If you use MyChart application then you can leave a message to your doctor and you will get a response very soon. You can communicate with your doctor at any timre from anywhere and get a proper guidance about your health.

  • View Test results:

                                 You can also see your test results by using MyChart application online.you should not have to go to your doctor or medical lab to see your test results. You get a notification in MyChart inbox the moment your test result have been added to your medical record. You can view images associated with your test results by clicking on a link your test resluts. Many test results released immediately to MyChart. In this way you can see your test results before your doctor sees them.

  • Renew Prescriptions:

                                        You can send a request for any of your renewable medications and you can update your preferred pharmacy information by using MyChart application. You can also get a home delivery or curbside pick-up for your prescriptions only if you use OSU outpatient pharmacy locations.

  • Manage Appointments:

                                            By using MyChart application you can schedule, reschedule or cancel your next appointment and view other details of upcoming appointments in the visit section according to the MyChart application services. For existing appointments, Sign up for fast pass and be notified if an earlier appointment time becomes available.

  • Update Personal Health Summary:

                                                                You can update your personal health summary, including allergies , immunizations, current health issues and medications you are taking.

  • Grant Access To Trusted love Ones:

                                                                 Trusted individuals can help securely manage your health care needs when you are not easily available to do so yourself. Parents can act as proxies for their children, adult children can view health information for their paging parents and their love ones by using MyChart application.

This is an wonderfull application which provide many health services and you can get several benefits by using this application.

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