You can Get here Best and new Technology all information 2022

You can Get here Best and new Technology all information 2022

1. Google Glass – Google Is Working On A New Smartphone That Can Be Put In Your Ear

Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., is reportedly working on a new smartphone that could be put in your ear called Project Are. According to Business Insider, the phone would have a modular design that users could swap out different components to create unique devices. In order to preserve battery life, the device would use something similar to a modem chip. marques brownlee

The technology was originally conceived by Andy Rubin, who worked at Google before leaving the search giant amid sexual harassment allegations. Rubin then started Playground Global LLC, a startup that aims to develop the concept. Business tech

While Project Are isn’t close to production yet, the team hopes to release a prototype around 2017. One of the biggest issues facing any wearable computer product is designing a case that won’t get tangled while being worn. To solve this problem, Project Are uses magnets inside its casing that hold modules together instead of screws or glue. Technology news

In addition to providing a way to build unique phones without having to buy them, Project Ara might help people who want to customize their smartphones but don’t know much about electronics. But if Google wants this concept to catch on, it’ll need to make sure the final product works well enough. new technology

 2. How to Make $100 Per Hour Selling Used Books – The Book Scavenger

There are many ways to earn money online and some methods are more reliable than others. Most of us actually like reading books and would prefer to read physical books rather than go online to purchase eBooks. If you enjoy reading, you can try selling your used books online – or print books that you no longer wish to keep – to make extra cash. You may choose to sell books on Amazon or eBay, or set up your own website where people can browse your collection and pay you directly for your book. Emerging technologies

When I first heard about this idea, my initial thought was how awesome it would be to have an endless supply of books and how cool it would be to sell my old books to someone else. Of course, I’d probably just end up sitting on a stack of books that I never got around to reading! Luckily, I came across a program that enables you to earn extra cash selling used paperbacks and hardcovers. Future technology

This service connects buyers and sellers of used books and pays users for each sale they complete. Sellers receive payment weekly via PayPal once they reach a minimum threshold of sales. Users can either log into their account and view past transactions, or let the site automatically track their activity. Tech companies

If you have a lot of books lying around your house (or even if you don’t), you can start making some extra cash per month by listing your books with Publishers Marketplace. If you haven’t bought an eBook reader yourself yet, this is a great opportunity to do so. Cutting edge technology

You can list your books by category, price range, or publisher. Then, you can tag your books according to whether or not they still work. When potential customers find your listings, they’ll be able to browse through what you to offer have based on their interests. Once you reach your target number of sales, you’ll earn a commission based on the price of your listed items. New gadgets

You can also check out Amazon Smile, a website where shoppers can shop for products on Amazon and donate 0.5% of their purchases to non-profit organizations whenever they shop on Amazon Smile. By shopping on, you can choose to support your favorite charities and causes with every purchase. Latest tech news


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