This video was taken at the end of the 2016 Cannabis Cup in Denver. This was my table set up, and I hope you enjoy watching! Xresolber

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1. Baking Soda

 Baking soda is a base alkali that can be added to water to make a weak solution. When baking soda is put in contact with water, the reaction releases carbon dioxide gas, which makes the environment around it acidic. That’s how baking soda helps neutralize chemicals that cause mold and mildew.

 You can add some to watering containers to keep them clean and fresh-smelling. Plus, it will help break down any residues left over from cleaning products.

 This ingredient not only keeps your pots cleaner, but it also works great for cleaning those nooks and crannies of your grow room. If you use baking soda in your air filter system, then you can expect fewer clogs!

 2. Hydrogen Peroxide

 Hydrogen peroxide may seem like a miracle liquid, but it’s actually pretty simple. When hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with oxygen, it breaks apart into two parts, water molecules and oxygen gas. The latter carries out the oxidation reaction, while the former cleans away residues. Xresolber

 If you want to disinfect your grow room before filling it with flowers or seeds, then consider adding this stuff to your solutions. You can also spray it directly onto plants to get rid of fungus and prevent disease.

 3. Dishwashing Soap

 Dish soap is a chemical mixture of surfactants (a type of detergent) designed to dissolve grease, dirt, and residue in metal bowls, glasses, and dishes. These ingredients work well at breaking down stubborn deposits in potting soil and removing excess nutrients.

 When you buy dish soap, look for something labeled “biodegradable” or “non-toxic.” Avoid anything containing phosphates or perfumes if possible.

 4. Bleach

 Bleach goes hand in hand with dish soap; they both have the same goal in mind. However, bleach is much stronger than dish soap. It’s ideal for killing bacteria and fungi but should never be applied to human skin or eyes.

 To kill off unwanted organisms that might be lurking in your grow space, try using a 50/50 mix of bleach and water to soak your pots and equipment. Then, scrub them with a brush dipped in vinegar before rinsing with hot water. Xresolber


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