WPS represents Wi-Fi Safeguarded Arrangement. WPS is a procedure for rapidly and effectively laying out a solid Wi-Fi network at home. To initiate it, you typically need to push down the WPS button on your switch. The WPS pin can quite often be found in the settings menu of your printer’s control board.

The Wi-Fi Union fostered the WPS button involved on numerous switches in 2006. The objective was to help home clients know barely anything about network security in setting up their remote organizations free from even a hint of harm way.

What is the WPS PIN 8-digit code?

WPS pin is a kind of interesting code, which comprises eight digits and permits the remote association between at least two gadgets. It makes associations between remote gadgets and a switch quicker and more straightforward.

Where do I find my WPS PIN?

The WPS pin can quite often be found in the settings menu of your printer’s control board. It will differ from brand to brand, yet you essentially have to enter the settings menu and search for wifi or organization choices and the WPS pin ought to be in one of the settled menus.

All Switches Default WPS Pin List 2023

With the switch’s default WPS pin, remote gadgets can associate with the organization. To interface with your wifi gadget, you can rapidly utilize one default WPS pin or make another one. Despite the fact that it is fundamentally expected for educational purposes, individuals really do abuse it.

TP-Connection Pin List Download 2023

⦿ WPS-PIN: 66870913

Essid: TP-LlNK_777; TP-LINK_

Switch model: TL-WR741N

⦿ Switch model: TL-WR841N

WPS-PIN: 85075542

⦿ Switch model: TL-WR842ND

WPS-PIN: 55117319

⦿ MODEL: TD-W8960N

WPS: 37211202

Netgear WPS Pin List 2023


WPS: 19004938

⦿ MODEL: Netgear DGN1000

WPS: 82234577

⦿ MODEL: Netgear DGN1000

WPS: 30022645

Belkin WPS Pin List

⦿ MODEL: Belkin F9J1102 vl

Sequential: 121230HF102382

WPS: 19366838

⦿ MODEL: Belkin F9J1102 v1

SSID: Belkin.b82

Sequential: 121212HF111888

WPS: 87279320

⦿ MODEL: Belkin F9J1102 v1

Sequential: 121212HF113612

WPS: 83469909

Netcom WPS Pin List


WPS: 13948696


SSID: Remote

WPS: 17002318


Sequential: 120320008126

WPS: 71876160

Dlink WPS Pin Gadgets

⦿ MODEL: DIR-655

WPS-PIN: 95061771

Essid: D-Connection DIR-655; dlink after reset

⦿ MODEL: DSL-2740B-F1

WPS: 44686871

⦿ MODEL: DSL-2740B

WPS: 59185239

Tenda Switch WPS Pin List


C8:3A:35:F3:36:18 : 159390961

C8:3A:35:F2:6D:98 : 158877685

C8:3A:35:49:98:28 : 48230803

C8:3A:35:52:FD:51 : 54388017

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