Wordle Answer

Wordle Answer

Wordle Answer you are not alone if you have low self-esteem! You’re not alone if you don’t love yourself! I want to help you heal yourself. I want to help you love yourself.

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The first word that came to my mind was water…because I had just finished watering my plants. If you have been working hard on a project, it’s good to take time off and enjoy yourself! wordle answer


 I thought about sunlight because if I am outside, I will be getting lots of sun exposure. When we get enough sunlight, our plants produce python-chemicals called “chlorophyll”. This produces oxygen and helps us breathe. We need oxygen to live! 🙂


Air…this is what makes things move…including plants. Plants use air like we do to make food and water. Our lungs help us breath.


 Moisture is something we all know…and love! It is how plants feel after they get watered.


 Food is what plants eat to survive. A lot of wordle answer plants actually eat dirt, rocks and dead plants. But they don’t eat people or animals…but we sure do eat them!


 Soil is where plants grow. It is a mixture of sand, clay, silt, and organic matter (like compost). All plants require soil for their survival. Soil is what gives plants nutrition and helps keep them alive. Without soil, plants cannot live.

Cannabis Fertilizer

Cannabis fertilizer is what feeds the plants’ roots. There are many different types of cannabis fertilizer.



 3. Potassium nitrate

 4. Ammonium phosphate

 5. Calcium carbonate

 6. Silicon dioxide

 7. Gypsum

I’m going to create a word cloud based around the subject line, the title, the first paragraph, and the second paragraph. I’ll have to play around with some settings to make wordle answer sure everything fits together nicely. It’s always fun doing those things.

 First thing we need to do is set our Word Cloud Template. By default Word will use a template called Normal.dotm. Then click on the Standard button, give it a name (e.g., Word Cloud), and click OK. Click on the Download button, then choose Word.docx (or any other file type) and Save As. At the bottom of the window, you may see a message saying that the file size exceeds 2 MB; if that’s the case, just click OK. Next we want to open our document and copy the text into the box. In my example I’ve pasted the entire article into the body of the document. Now we’re ready to start Wardle! First we need to change the format we want to display. To get started, click on the View tab on top, then click on Show/Hide Formatting Toolbar. Next, click on the more button and select Text Wrapping Preferences. From here you can adjust how much space you want between each letter and what font they should appear in. You can also change the Background Color. Once you have done that, click OK. We now need to add some words of our own. In my example I selected everything, but you could try selecting specific sections, like title, author, or keywords. Finally, hit Create. Here’s what mine looks like:

 By clicking on the word cloud view below, you can see what each word means. If you don’t understand something, hover over it and it will tell you the meaning.

 You can save the word cloud image to your computer by saving it as a.jpg and placing it somewhere on your hard drive.

 Next we need to take that same word cloud we just created and paste it into the background of our blog post. Navigate to where you saved the word cloud image on your computer, select it, and press Open. Make sure to check out the rest of the options under Picture Tools & Adjustments if you haven’t already!

 Your final step is adding a link back to your original content. To do this, go to the Writing tab and click on Links & References. If you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe 🙂

 Let me know about your experiences with Wardle!

 Have a great day!

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