What is the word Variation mean in the Hindi language


Hindi is the language of Hindus people. The Hindu people speak this Hindi language. It is the language of Hindus.

The word Variation meaning in the Hindi language is utaar-chadhaav. This word utaar-chadhaav is written in Hindi as उतार-चढ़ाव. There are many synonyms for this word variation utaar-chadhaav is परिवर्तन, प्रसरण, फ़ेरबदल, भिन्नता, रद्दोबदल. These synonyms are written in the Hindi language. These words are read as There are many definitions present of that word variation.

Variation is an activity that varies from a norm.

Another definition of variation is changing something slightly but noticeably from the norm.
In English, there are many synonyms for this word variation as given below:
These are the few synonyms of the word variation edition, variant, version, mutant, mutation, sport, and magnetic variation.

Here are some examples.
These two languages are English and Hindi.

variational method
परिवर्तन विधि
variation coefficient
भिन्नता गुणांक
variation studies
भिन्नता अध्ययन
variation thereof
उसकी भिन्नता
variation form
भिन्न रूप
variation clause
परिवर्तन खंड
variations existed
विविधताएं थीं
variation data
भिन्न डेटा
variation squares
भिन्न वर्ग
varvariation encountered
भिन्नता मिली

Variational Method:

Variational Coefficient:

VC stands for Variational Coefficient.
VC is the ratio between the standard deviation (SD) to the mean deviation(MD). And it also shows the extent of variability in relation. The higher the VC(coefficient variation), the more dispersion. RSD stands for relative standard deviation.

Variation in life

Any difference between cells, individual organisms, and or groups of organisms. Variation is important because of differences between the individuals in a population, populations cannot change over time—that is, they cannot evolve. Variations are important for survival. It also allows some individuals within a population to adapt to the changing environment.

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