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Google Ads DoubleClick (DoubleClick) provides technology solutions that enable customers to target ads at individuals who have visited their websites, enabling them to maximize revenue per ad impression. Google AdWords enables businesses to pay only when someone clicks on their ads.

 Websites use these services to deliver online advertisements when users visit their sites. When they do, DoubleClick processes the information about each user’s prior visits and uses that data to serve relevant advertising based on what users had previously viewed or searched for on the site. In order to accomplish this task, DoubleClick collects and stores certain types of information about visitors’ activities while using its website. These cookies are stored either locally on users’ computers or remotely on DoubleClick servers. what is googleads.g.doubleclick.net

 Most browsers allow some control of cookies via configuration options, though please note that if you choose to disable cookies, you may not be able to access all or parts of our site.

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 Google ads is a program that helps websites make money online. It’s free if you don’t have any Google ad code installed. But it does use something called JavaScript to help track where people click on your site. You might want to remove those codes because they’re not always good. The way we know how to do this is by looking at the URL. what is googleads.g.doubleclick.net

 The above link is what I believe is the tracking code being sent to Google Ads. If you go to the website www.adblockplus.org you’ll notice that it says AdBlock Plus and then lists the various sites that it blocks. And guess what…Google is listed under that list. If you search your computer for ‘What is’ and paste the results in the address bar, it should return you the same results as above.

 In theory, when you try to access a page with Google ads, the browser would ask permission to block ads before it actually loads the page. Now as you can see, the ad code is still loaded whether you accept the popup or not. what is googleads.g.doubleclick.net

 Now let’s say you don’t care about Google ads and just want to remove the tracking code. Here’s what you need to do:

 Copy the entire content of the file (including the comments) to Notepad. Save it somewhere convenient. Then go back to the original file (the one that contains ‘googleads.g.doublclick.net’), delete everything except for the first line (which is include). Paste the contents from the second file into the first file in place of the first line. Save it again.

 Then go back to your browser and refresh the page you were trying to view.

 You should now no longer see the Google ads.

 But wait! There’s more!

 I’ve been told by some friends that if you have cookies enabled, you won’t even need to clear the cache! Once you log out or close your browser, the cookie is deleted and Google ads won’t show up anymore.

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