WEOKIE Government Credit Association is a part-possessed monetary organization with 13 branches in Oklahoma and in excess of 50,000 Extra charge Free ATMs from one side of the country to the other. At WEOKIE, we endeavor to assist our individuals with achieving their monetary objectives.


WEOKIE is one of the primary monetary organizations that Oklahomans established to safeguard the financial interests of their family, companions, and neighbors. Right up until now, we endeavor to safeguard our kindred Oklahomans and their monetary prospects by offering them better advance and investment funds rates. Assuming you live in Oklahoma, WEOKIE is the monetary establishment for you.


In 1969 WEOKIE was established as a local area helpful to give fair financing costs to the individuals, an advantage they can in any case appreciate right up until now. We give our individuals the most minimal financing costs for their auto, home, and business advances.

Governmentally Guaranteed:

Each store with WEOKIE Government Credit Association is governmentally guaranteed for up to $250,000 through the Public Credit Association Affiliation. The NCUA was established in 1970 and fills in as the essential store protection office for government credit associations like WEOKIE.

Part Chose BOARD:

As a part-possessed government credit association, WEOKIE’s Directorate is 100 percent part chosen on the grounds that we accept you ought to have something to do with what befalls your cash. Confidential financial foundations are controlled by a governing body that main consideration getting benefits for their investors. At WEOKIE, you are an investor and your say and interests make the biggest difference.

OPEN YOUR WEOKIE Record On the web:

Could it be said that you are worn out on exorbitant loan costs, administration charges, and low investment funds rates? At the point when you become a part of WEOKIE you become a piece of a monetary foundation that thinks often about your monetary future and gives you the instruments you want to pursue the best monetary choices. As a WEOKIE part, you’ll be in a flash compensated with extraordinary rates, selective limits, monetary training assets, head web-based financial administrations, and then some! Get in touch with us today, come by a branch, or become a part of the web.

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