Walter Surface Technologies

Walter surface technologies, or WST, is an incredibly effective solution that provides a fast, clean, and consistent way to treat water before use. These products allow us to efficiently remove chlorine while maintaining the natural balance of bacteria and microbes.

1/8th ounce container (approx. 22ml)
2 oz bottle (approx. 50ml)
6 oz bottle (approx 100 ml)
The WST system is highly reliable and simple to operate. It includes our patented technology, an innovative combination of pre-filters and activated carbon that enables it to effectively remove chlorine, and maintain high levels of naturally occurring microbes.
These filters are designed to provide a constant supply of fresh air and oxygen to the system, and then capture contaminants such as germs and odors, and release them back into the environment, keeping everything safe and clean, even after months of operation!
As a result, the quality of water you produce will remain excellent throughout its life cycle.

  • Walter Surface Technologies Inc. (WST) was founded in 1996 by Walter Wallin. WST offers a full range of products designed specifically for the Cannabis Industry. These include air filtration systems, CO2 and humidity control systems, lighting fixtures, water treatment units, irrigation systems, ventilation systems, and much more. Their products have been tested in many different industry applications ranging from Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Industrial Grow Operations, Laboratories, and even Hotels and Resorts.
  • Walter Wallin – founder and CEO
    Walter Wallin was born in Sweden and began his career at the age of 21 selling computers out of a small office in Stockholm, Sweden. His family had immigrated to Canada, where he worked for the Canadian government before moving to California in 1986. When he arrived in America, he started importing electronics to sell at flea markets, garage sales, and other venues. He eventually branched off from electronics and turned his attention to the marijuana market. In 1995, he opened the first Walter Wallin’s store in Santa Cruz, CA. Today, Walter Wallin’s operates 11 stores throughout Northern California and Washington State, as well as a chain of wholesale distribution centers.
  • The Walter Wallin Foundation – Founder’s Philanthropic Organization
    The Walter Wallin Foundation is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to help homeless youth and ex-offenders rebuild their lives after incarceration. Through financial assistance and mentorship programs, they provide these individuals with the tools necessary to achieve personal success.

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