Top Gun Maverick’ Is a Marvel Older Audiences Are Finally Returning to the Movies

Top Gun Maverick’ Is a Marvel Older Audiences Are Finally Returning to the Movies

I can’t believe I have never posted this before! But I did not even know about this until today. This is my favorite movie ever… and I love how they used the song at the end too!

 Song: Top Gun (C+F) – Tom Jones

 Artist: Tom Jones

 Album: “The Best of Tom Jones”

 Year: 1989

 Genre: Pop/Rock

– Top 3 Reasons for Growing Marijuana Indoors

 1) Air Quality Control – This is by far the 1 reason that I have heard from others who are looking into indoor gardening. If you have any type of air quality control device (such as carbon filters), then this is a great way to make sure that your marijuana doesn’t get tainted by nasty chemicals that are released from the other side of town. Top Gun

 2) Convenience – There’s nothing like having your own supply of medicine at home. You can grow just about anything indoors, especially if you take advantage of hydroponic setups. Even if you do end up getting sick, you still have access to some form of medication when you need it. Top Gun

 3) Space – Indoor gardens are a lot smaller than outdoor ones, but they give you much better results. Since you’re not using sunlight to grow, you can maximize the space that you have available. You don’t necessarily need a whole lot of room in order to grow marijuana indoors. Top Gun

– A Topical Spray that Kills 99% of All Pests!

 1. Efficacy

 The active ingredient in Top Gun is called N-methylcyclopropene (MCP). This chemical has been shown to kill insects in less than 10 seconds of exposure. In addition, this spray does not burn your skin, cause stains or damage furniture. Top Gun

 2. Safety

 This topical insecticide is completely safe for humans and pets. MCP only affects pests, never people or pets. Top Gun

 3. Environmentally Friendly

 There are no harmful VOC’s emitted into our air. MCP is 100% biodegradable. Top Gun

 4. Low Cost

 A 1 gallon canister costs $20-$30 making it affordable for any home gardener who wants to maintain his or her garden without spending a fortune. Top Gun

1. Cannabis Plants are naturally phototropic (toward light). They have been known to grow better in the dark, but this is actually just a natural reaction to protect themselves from sunlight. Some people grow in complete darkness, others use grow tents or LED lights that mimic daylight conditions. Either way, they should not get too much direct sunlight. Top Gun

 2. Grow Mediums need moisture! You should never dry out your grow mediums. In fact, if you ever notice that you’re Top Gun

Grow medium looks like sand, then you already know you’ve dried it out. Moisture levels at least 70% are preferred. A high-quality substrate can hold up to 100%. Top Gun

 3. Soil needs air! If your soil has good aeration, it stays cool and moist. When the soil gets hot and dry, it doesn’t absorb water well. This leads to root rot and death. Top Gun

 4. Watering is crucial. Your plants will die within minutes if their roots aren’t getting enough water. Too much water is bad for the same reason that too little water is. It causes roots to rot. An ideal watering frequency ranges anywhere between 1/3 – 2x per week, depending on your climate, plant size, and the amount of time you want the plants to stay indoors. Keep your plants’ leaves dry, as wet leaves invite mold. Top Gun

 5. Fertilizer is optional. The majority of growers don’t fertilize their plants, but if you’re looking to improve yields and quality, some fertilizer is key. Most fertilizers contain both macro and micro elements. Macro elements include Carbon, Nitrogen, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Sodium, Sulfur, Zinc, etc. Micro elements include Boron, Copper, Fluorine, Iodine, Molybdenum, Top Gun Selenium, Silicon, Vanadium, Viburnum, etc. With these elements being present in a balanced ratio, your plants will receive everything they need to grow and thrive. However, in order to ensure proper absorption of minerals in the soil, the soil’s pH level needs to be around 6.0. Top Gun

 6. Growing Light is equally important. Each plant requires specific wavelengths of light. Some plants require red and blue light, while others prefer green and white. The most popular type of lighting used today is fluorescent bulbs. These work best in low-wattage fixtures in order to avoid burning down the house. High-intensity discharge lamps are considered superior because they give off a brighter light without using any electricity. Growers who use hydroponics and LEDs tend to favor the latter. Top Gun


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