1. Nitroglycerin

 It’s not just a drug. It’s what is behind some of mother nature’s greatest creations (plants). Nitroglycerin is a naturally occurring chemical compound that helps plants move water around. Plants use nitrate to create their own food and breathe oxygen, basically making them the lungs of the planet. When we use nitrates to make bombs, we’re really killing ourselves. Toasttabb

 2. Glucose

 Glucose is a sugar (carbohydrate) that helps plants get energy from sunlight. It’s the most abundant simple carbohydrate found in nature and is the primary fuel source for all plant cells. Most plants store glucose in their roots and stems. It’s commonly added to soil amendments as a fertilizer.

 3. Amino Acids

 Amino acids are building blocks of protein. Protein is the basis of life. Without protein, our muscles would decay and eventually fall off. Plants are no different; they need protein to survive. Like humans, plants have protein-making factories called ribosomes. Ribosomes produce a specific amino acid chain, which then folds together to form a complete protein. Once completed, the new protein attaches to existing structures and performs its designated function. Toasttabb

 4. Fertilize With Care!

 In order to grow healthy plants, you must provide the right amount of nutrition. Too much or too little may cause problems. In fact, excess nutrients might even kill your marijuana plants! But don’t worry – if you know how to balance your nutritional requirements, you’ll always get the best results. We’ve assembled a list of the top 10 essential nutrients for growing plants indoors.

 5. Watering

 The easiest way to achieve successful results is to keep your plants watered regularly. Make sure to check out the watering schedule section at the end to make sure you’re getting the best results. You won’t go wrong by following these tips.

 6. Grow Light Bulbs

 To promote maximum flowering rate and yield, grow lights should be turned on whenever possible throughout the day. If you do not have a full-spectrum light bulb, you can still supplement your natural sunlight with LED bulbs. These bulbs give off only a small amount of harmful blue light, which is where the majority of weed killers reside. Always look for high CRI and low flicker bulbs.

 7. Seed Starting

 Starting seeds indoors means you can control exactly when they flower, ensuring you’re maximizing their harvest time. Seeds can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to germinate, depending on the type of seed.


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