TIFU by traumatizing myself for life. Please, I beg of each and every one of you, wear your seat belt.

TIFU by traumatizing myself for life. Please, I beg of each and every one of you, wear your seat belt.

(That’s Incredible Fucking Unique)

 I’ve created this Tifu template with these words from Jens Butter. I’m sure he’d agree that they are absolutely incredible and fucking unique, but not everyone shares my opinion and has been kind enough to provide input into how I can improve upon the words themselves. So if anyone has any ideas, please feel free to share them! TIFU

 Thanks to everyone who has already shared their thoughts:

– Thank You in Full (with Video) TIFU

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 Please watch: “The 4 Year Itch: How I’m preparing myself for Medical School”

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– Top 3 Reasons to Grow Marijuana

 1. Grow Better Buds

 Have you ever seen those commercial marijuana growers who have big, fat buds? They got them from some sort of genetic mutation or something but they’re just not real good quality bud. You know what I mean. They look like mush. You can’t smoke ‘em because they don’t taste that great. That’s where genetics come into play. Genetics are your best friend! If you want to grow high quality bud, then you need to breed your plants right. The first step in breeding a strain is cross-breeding. This means you take two different strains of cannabis and make a hybrid offspring from the two different parents. Think about it like this… A human being has DNA from their mom and dad. When you breed humans, you get half of each parent’s DNA. This is exactly how we breed cannabis. We cross-breed different strains to create hybrids. TIFU

 2. More THC (and less CBD)

 You may not think it makes a difference if you are going for a high THC strain or low THC strain, but it does. Most people think that only the higher the THC percentage, the better it will be. But really, it gets even better than that. With our advanced technology, we now have the ability to alter the ratio of CBD to THC in any given plant. By altering CBD/THC ratios, you can tailor your product to meet specific needs and preferences. TIFU

 3. Lower Cost

 When you go to buy weed at the store, you always end up paying way too much money. Why pay $20+ per gram when you can go to a dispensary and pick up 4 grams for around $8? Well, you might ask where you can find these lower prices. Good question. We sell our products directly to consumers online. So when you order from us, you are assured of getting cheap pot without having to deal with middlemen. In summary, when you choose to purchase from Green House Seeds, you save money and time. TIFU

This video was created from my own personal experience being a patient at UCLA Medical Center’s Cannabis Research Facility. I have only good things to say about the time I’ve spent there. Watch it if you’re considering visiting them! TIFU


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