Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” Era

Taylor Swift is not just a music icon but also a fashion trendsetter. Throughout her career, her style has undergone significant transformations, reflecting the themes and emotions of her albums. One of her most notable style phases was during the “Reputation” era, which marked a dramatic departure from her previous looks. The outfits Taylor Swift sported during this era were a reflection of the album’s dark, edgy, and rebellious themes.

Notoriety Period

The “Notoriety” period started in late 2017 with the arrival of Quick’s 6th studio collection of a similar name. The collection presented another Taylor Quick – one who was proudly furious and embracing her standing as a brave craftsman. This shift was obvious in her music as well as in her design decisions.

During this period, Taylor Quick embraced a seriously trying and tense look. Her style consolidated components of gothic and troublemaker design, with a liberal portion of marvelousness. One of the mark parts of her “Notoriety” outfits was her propensity for dark and metallic tones. Whether she was performing in front of an audience, going to grant shows, or unveiling appearances, Taylor was in many cases seen wearing dull troupes, including cowhide coats, sequined outfits, and thigh-high boots.

Notorious Outfit

One of the most notorious outfits from the “Notoriety” time was her tense dark snake-themed bodysuit worn during her “Look What You Compelled Me Do” music video. The snake theme became inseparable from this time, representing her recovering the story that had encircled her in the media. The outfit was intense and represented her proud mentality.

The “Notoriety” period likewise saw Taylor Quick exploring different avenues regarding her hair and cosmetics. She donned dim, smoky eye cosmetics and strong red lips, which added to her sensational look. Her hair was much of the time slicked back or styled in free, disheveled waves, accentuating the tenseness of her outfits.

When it came to award shows and red-carpet events, Swift continued to make a fashion statement. She graced events like the American Music Awards and Billboard

Music Awards in outfits that were not only stylish but also perfectly in sync with her “Reputation” persona. She often incorporated sheer fabrics, lace, and leather into her looks, showcasing her fearless approach to fashion.

Another striking element of her style during this era was her use of sequins and glitter. Swift embraced the glamour of her newfound reputation, wearing sequined dresses and outfits that shone brilliantly under the spotlight. Her sparkling stage outfits added a touch of drama to her performances and showcased her evolution as a performer.


As Taylor Quick progressed from the “Notoriety” period to her resulting collections, she kept on developing her style, mirroring the subjects and feelings of her music. While the “Notoriety” period was set apart by its dim and tense design, it was an essential second in her profession, as it permitted her to break liberated from assumptions and strongly embrace her creative character. Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” outfits are a testament to her ability to use fashion as a form of self-expression, and they remain an unforgettable chapter in her style evolution.

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