Social media top Girls New look here now

Social media top Girls New look here now


Facebook is the biggest social media platform out there, with over 1 billion users worldwide. It’s a great place to network and promote yourself if you’re in a niche that people use Facebook for. If you don’t have an account yet, please go sign up!


Instagram is the largest photo-sharing app out there, used mostly to share funny memes, cute pictures of cats, food, etc… Use hashtags to make your content findable by others. When you follow a lot of accounts, you’ll begin to build your own personal following and eventually reach the point where you become a social influencer.


Twitter is a micro blogging site where you can post short messages (called tweets) about anything. Also, check out some of these sites:,, and All of those websites are free and you can easily get started posting videos and writing blogs to gain attention and increase followers.


Pinterest is similar to Tumblr only it is geared towards sharing recipes, DIY projects, and clothes instead of cat pictures. 5. Google+

Google+ is pretty much just like Facebook. You can connect and interact with friends, view photos, play games, watch movies, etc… It’s a good way to keep in touch with old friends, but I wouldn’t start networking here unless you really know the person already. Be careful not to spam their feeds with nothing but commercialized content.


LinkedIn is a professional social media website. People use it to look for jobs, do research, and network. You should create a profile with keywords related to your business and try to update your status several times daily to help you stand out among your competition. Have fun!


Reddit is a community where you can submit topics you’re interested in and browse posts submitted by other members. It’s a little bit like a cross between Yahoo Answers and Quora to me. There’s been lots of talk about starting a subreddit dedicated to making money online, and they’ve recently released the Ask Me Anything feature which is pretty cool. Do some research before doing this though, because once you ask a question, you won’t be able to take it back.

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The Cannabis Growers Guide To Top 7 Nutrients For Growing A More Sustainable Canna Croptop

 No matter what kind of marijuana (weed) that you smoke, your bud’s success at maturing into flower is going to depend upon many different variables. One variable includes nutrition. Nutrition is going to decide how high your buds will reach in height, its shape, and whether or not they will produce fruit – yes, even female flowers. But what exactly are these top seven nutrients? And how do you use them to make sure your plants grow strong and healthy? Let’s find out!

 There are basically two types of nutrients that are required for any plant to thrive. These are macro and micronutrients. Macro nutrients are things like nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and calcium while the micro nutrients have less influence on the growth of a plant, yet their effects are still significant. Micro nutrients include trace elements and vitamins. Traces are such things as boron, chlorine, iron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, copper, iodine, cobalt, nickel, selenium, silver and vanadium while vitamins are things like vitamin B and D. You want to ensure that your plant gets enough of each type of nutrient throughout its lifetime. If the amount of nutrients given isn’t enough, the plant won’t receive the right stimulation to develop properly. This means that there could be stunted growth, poor quality, and even lack of male flowers.

 To give your plants the proper amounts of both macro and micro nutrients, you need to add a liquid fertilizer containing complete plant food. There are two kinds of plant foods, slow release and fast acting. Slow releasing plant foods are good because they provide nutrients over time, leaving behind no harmful residues. Fast acting plant foods are best because they are designed to deliver their nutrients immediately. Both are effective if used correctly. You should apply your liquid fertilizer in the early morning before sunup. This helps to avoid robbing water from your plants. Make sure you spray the foliage of your plants, but avoid spraying roots. Roots don’t require much moisture so it’s okay for them to dry out some. In regards to timing, applying your fertilizer between 6am and 12pm is great because it ensures maximum absorption of nutrients.

 A single dose of liquid fertilizer contains everything your plant needs for about 20 days. Because of this, you shouldn’t add more than one dose per week. If you’re using slow releasing plant foods, this will result in a steady supply of nutrients for weeks. If you’re using fast acting ones, you’ll only get enough nutrients for about 2 days. Once those nutrients are gone, the plant begins searching for more. But if you’ve been giving regular doses of nutrients, the plant will already be ready for its next feeding. Don’t worry though, just wait until the next scheduled feeding to give the plant its next dose.

 If you’ve got a new strain and aren’t sure how often to give it liquid nutrients, follow the directions on the bottle. Many liquid fertilizers indicate the number of times that you should give them per week, but remember, this is only an average. Different strains vary in their nutritional needs, so if yours hasn’t reached full maturity, give it extra nutrients. However, once your plants reach full size, you can reduce your feeding schedule by half.

 You will need to check your plants’ water levels regularly. When watering, try to keep it consistent. If you notice that your plant is getting too little or too much water, adjust accordingly. Too little water causes a condition called root rot, where the roots stop absorbing nutrients. Having too much water encourages fungal infections. Watering your plants in the afternoon is much better than watering in the morning since the sun doesn’t affect the temperature inside your house. The higher temperatures in the summertime cause leaf scorch, where the leaves burn and die. Moisture is necessary for the transpiration process which is the way fresh air exchanges with stale air. Transpiration cools the leaves down and prevents leaf scorch.

 With all these factors considered, you can now see why nutrition is important to a marijuana plant. So what should you look for when buying liquid nutrients? Well first off, look for one with balanced nutrients, meaning that it provides enough of each type of mineral. Then look for one that’s specifically formulated for your species and variety. This means looking for something that says “indica” or “sativa”. Another thing to consider is the source of your nutrients. If you buy organic nutrients, then you’ve done yourself and your plants a favor. Finally, make sure that the liquid nutrients are 100% pure and natural. Avoid anything that comes in a bag or box.

 As long as you understand the basics of growing cannabis, you’ll be able to grow a healthier crop every time. By incorporating a few key nutrients into your gardening efforts, you’ll be able enjoy the results for years to come.

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