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Hydroponic systems

Hydroponics is a method of growing crops without using soil. Instead, the roots are placed in a solution called nutrient broth, which contains water, air, fertilizer, and mineral nutrients. These nutrients are absorbed through the roots and distributed throughout the whole plant via transpiration. Smart Square Mercy

Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation uses small amounts of water at regular intervals, instead of flooding a field continuously. Using less water saves money and reduces runoff. There are two types of drip irrigation: center-pivot sprinkler (CPS) and linear move emitters (LME).

Air pumps

Air pumps use pressurized air to send nutrients to the root zone. This method is best suited for high volume agriculture because it requires minimal space compared to other methods. An air pump works best in sandy loam soils.

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Bio stimulants play a role in the production of the cannabis plant and act as growth enhancers. These types of compounds are derived from natural substances found in nature and have been researched for years for their ability to enhance the growth rate of medicinal marijuana. Bio stimulants are non-toxic and allow the user to control the growth environment. Many different bio stimulants exist including kelp, seaweed extracts, alfalfa, and soybean meal.


Multistimulants play a similar role as bio stimulants except they work at all stages of cannabis growth. They are often composed of many different elements and may be applied at any point during the cultivation cycle. Multistimulants can be added directly to water or planted soils and will help improve yields while providing multiple benefits to the plant over time. These products often offer a variety of nutritional supplements such as enzymes, vitamins, trace metals, and micronutrients.


Light systems are devices used to manipulate the amount of sunlight reaching the cannabis plants. Lighting fixtures are placed around the canopy to increase exposure to light or decrease exposure to light. Light systems can also be adjusted based on the desired flowering period of the plants. There are many different light systems available such as HPS, fluorescent, LED, T8, and metal halide.


Heat and cooling systems keep the temperature inside the greenhouse steady so that the cannabis plants do not experience fluctuations in temperature. Heat and coolers are commonly used to maintain temperatures between 70°F and 98°F and are composed of fans, air curtains, and vents.


Hydroponic systems use a liquid solution to provide nutrients to a plant rather than using soil. In order to create a suitable solution, it takes a great deal of research and testing to determine what type of nutrients should be included. To start, one must first find out what kind of root structure the cannabis plant requires. Then the right combination of fertilizer and pH levels must be determined. Once these steps are completed,

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