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House of the Dragon

What is the House of the Dragon?

The house of the dragon is a place where dragons live. In Chinese mythology, there were nine houses for the various different kinds of dragons. Each house corresponded with a season, color, element, etc. Each house was associated with a specific characteristic.

Which kind of dragon does the House of the Dragon belong to?

It belongs to the Gold Dragon. The gold dragon is known for its wisdom. Because of its knowledge, people trust it and respect it. The gold dragon symbolizes wealth and prosperity. People who have a lot of money often use the gold dragon as their logo.

How does the House of the Dragons’ design look?

It looks like a palace. It’s decorated with golden tiles and shiny marble. There are many rooms inside of the palace. All of them are well-decorated and elegant. There are even some paintings and statues around. The garden outside of the building is beautiful, filled with lush greenery. It reminds us of China.

Where is the House of the Dragons located?

 It’s located in Beijing, China. It’s in front of the Temple of Heaven Park. Also know as Tianamen Square.

Is the House of the Dragon open to visitors?

Yes! You can go inside of it because it’s not a museum. It’s a real building. However, you should dress nicely if you want to enter. No shorts, flip flops, bare legs, or anything revealing. You’re going to visit someone else’s home. And they may be offended if you don’t respect their culture.

Why did the House of the Dragon need to be renovated?

Because it’s old and dirty. It doesn’t look good anymore. You probably wouldn’t want to live there either. It needs to be cleaned up and painted.

Who owns the House of the Dragons now?

It’s currently owned by Zhang Yimou. He’s a famous director of movies. His movies include: Raise the Red Lantern, Hero, Curse of the Golden Flower, Heroine Wore Black Stockings, To Live, To Kill, Warlords, Heroine Under the Moon, Ju Dou, Once Upon a Time in China II, The Story of Qiu Ju, and A World Without Thieves.

Why did they call it “The House of the Dragon”?

After reading the novel, I was really curious about what inspired them to give this title. When speaking to the director, Aaron Hughes, he said, “It came from the original Chinese name – which translates to the house of the dragon. But then we looked at the symbolism of the dragon and the fact that Wu-Tang Clan had just released their own album called Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, where Wu-Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty Bastard raps over one of the songs. And it seemed fitting.”

What do you think about the film’s ending?

I think the ending does make sense, considering the film’s story line and themes. It ends with everything coming full circle. The characters have learned lessons throughout the film and have grown, which in turn makes the film end well. By the time you get to the end, it feels like the movie hasn’t ended at all!

How would you rate the acting performances?

All these actors gave great performances. In my opinion, the best performance goes to Donnie Wahlberg who plays the role of Vincent Vega. He gives a powerful performance in his first major role. Besides him, the rest of the cast gave solid performances.

Did you understand the meaning behind the song “Da Mystery of Chessboxin’”?

Yes, I understood the meaning behind the music video. However, since I don’t know many rap songs, I didn’t grasp the lyrics as much as others might. My interpretation of the song was that it was about someone trying to prove something to himself or herself. Also, someone may not want to accept that they are not capable of something. Perhaps this is supposed to represent me or my self.

Were you surprised by how violent the film actually turned out to be?

When I read the script, I thought that the film was going to be more action oriented. Instead, it was more psychological, telling a deeper story. I was surprised by how violent the movie became towards the end.

Do you agree with Donnie Wahlberg’s comments about the ending of the film?

Yes, I completely agree with Donnie Wahlberg. According to him, the film doesn’t end until you think it’s over. That’s exactly how I felt too.

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