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 Rądo – means “to cut”, “to shape”, “cut out” or “prepare”. It can be used in different ways; cutting through wood, shaping clay into pottery, preparing meat, or even cutting through words. A skilled craftsman, however, can use rądo in many other ways than the ones mentioned above. Rądo can be used to describe anything that creates change: changing our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits, actions and outcomes. Rądo is a tool similar to sharpening the knife, the saw and the chisel. If we do not sharpen them, they are useless. If we do not keep using them and practice their use, we lose skill at their usage. One way to develop this skill is to start doing things differently. Start with a small step and then build your skills little by little until they become second nature.

Rąd means “right”. It is not about what is right but rather about what is useful. We are always looking for ways that we can improve our lives and this article is no exception. What I am going to share with you today is my personal experience with a product called Biotin. This supplement has helped me to feel healthier, look younger, and even live longer than I thought possible. If you have struggled with health issues, then you will find this information valuable. It is time that you take control of your life back!

 1. Water

 Water is the most abundant element on earth and can be found in nearly all forms of life, from microorganisms to humans. In fact, it plays a key role in sustaining the human body and maintaining health. While water is not technically considered a nutrition, it is a very important one. Without water, nothing could exist. rądo

 2. Air

 Air is a mixture of gases, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and trace amounts of other gases that are necessary for life as we know it. Plants need air to breathe, grow, and sustain themselves. Even if they have enough food to eat, they cannot grow or develop properly without sufficient air flow.

 3. Sunlight

 Sunlight is energy. A huge amount of sunlight is converted into potential energy, which makes plants grow. Some types of light energy include visible rays and infrared rays. Visible rays are needed for photosynthesis, while infrared rays help regulate plant temperature. rądo

This video was created under the guidance of renowned artist, filmmaker, and professor, Vyacheslav Nekrasov (Russian: Вячеслав Некрасов; born February 8, 1938). A leading proponent of Conceptual Art, he has been active in Russia since the 1960s and has exhibited internationally since the 1980s. His work has often dealt with art’s relationship to science, technology, politics, and economics. rądo

 In this documentary film, Vyacheslav takes us into his world, drawing parallels between his research and that of Albert Einstein, Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, and other pioneers. We learn about his background and artistic influences, including Dadaist Marcel Duchamp, Cubists Pablo Picasso and Fernand Léger, Surrealist René Magritte, and Russian Constructivist Alexander Rodchenko.

 Vyacheslav uses a wide variety of unusual and innovative media, including computer animation, stop-motion photography, time-lapse imagery, and experimental animations from a digital camera. His films are sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but they always provoke thought provoking ideas. From the creation of the Cosmos Ballroom, a giant ball suspended above a dance floor, to the use of live animals for experiments, Vyacheslav has never shied away from breaking boundaries and pushing the limits of contemporary filmmaking. He has also explored art in space, creating his own satellite called “Earthrise”. In this project, he used images captured from the International Space Station to create his first ever feature-length movie. rądo

 The film explores how scientific discoveries have changed our worldview — and what we can expect in the future.

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