Poeltl is a popular game among kids and young adults who want to get away from reality for a few hours. It’s also a very simple game that requires only three basic pieces: a board, a bunch of wooden sticks (usually 4), and a rubber band. To play poeltl, first place the four sticks end-to-end across a flat surface. You will then grab a rubber band and wrap it around them tightly, while keeping the ends open. Next, tie the loose ends of the rubber band to each stick. Finally, have a child blow a whistle, and remove the rubber band to release the sticks. The object of the game is to keep blowing the whistle without releasing any of the sticks. If you do, then you lose!

Cardboard Box

 A cardboard box makes a great poeltl set! All you need for this version is a standard-sized container, some colored tape, a pair of scissors, and a couple of popsicle sticks. First, cut out two identical boxes from a piece of corrugated cardboard. Then, decorate each side with different colors of tape. Once done, make sure the tape covers at least half of the box. Now, take a popsicle stick and bend it into a loop shape. Make sure to leave about 2 inches of straight length. Place the loops on top and bottom of the boxes, to secure them together. Wrap the remaining free length of the popsicle stick around the outside of both boxes, where they touch, to create the handle of the box. Lastly, attach the handles to either side of the boxes, making sure to position them so that their openings face outward.

Rubber Band

 If you have no access to popsicle sticks, you can use a regular rubber band instead! Simply tie the ends of the rubber band together and then wrap it around the sticks. Be careful not to twist the bands or pull on them too much; otherwise, you might break the sticks.


You can even put the poeltl set right over a table! Just cover the entire thing with newspaper, or simply turn on the lights and enjoy playing right off of your kitchen counter!

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The Poeltl Game is a great way to train your dog while having fun! Dog owners have been using their dogs’ natural instincts to play games with toys derived from bones (e.g., KongĀ®). Now we take the concept of games with bone-shaped toys and create our own unique concept designed to intensify training experiences and reward behavior.

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