1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Poco X3 Pros:

 Pocos pros are as follows:

 + High quality battery life even when using high output modes (up to 4 hours)

 + Can use 1 x 18650 LiPo batteries

 + Quick Charge mode (30min – 2hours)

 * Note: When using high output modes and setting the timer to 5 minutes, you may get around 4 hours of runtime. If you have any questions about how long you’ll be able to get out of the unit let me know!

 6. Poco X3 Cons:

 The cons of the Pocos are as follows:

 – Not great at keeping temperatures under 60F due to having no fans

 – Only comes with 2 pre-installed charging cables instead of 1 extra cable (but included in the package)

This is my favorite POCO product! I’ve been using their products for years and have had great results. Their products are always clean tasting, effective, and affordable.


 The POCO X3 Pro Vaporizer takes what was already great about the original version and adds even more functionality and features. Now, the POCO X3 vaporizer can not only be used as a dry herb vaporizer, but can also be used as concentrate vaporizer, wax, oil, and budder vaporizer.

 2. LED & OLED Screen Display

 Now the screen display shows temperature, battery status, remaining time, puff count, wattage, and volume level. You’ll have full control over your device without having to turn on and off the power button.

 3. Vape Battery

 This is the newest addition to the POCO X Series line. The vape battery is rechargeable and includes built-in safety protection. It comes with a micro USB charging cable and is compatible with both Apple® and Android™ devices.

 4. Easy Cleaning

 The POCO-X3 is extremely easy to clean. The mouthpiece is removable and can be easily cleaned with water and soap. The heating chamber is dishwasher safe. Simply put the unit in the top rack of the dishwasher and run the cycle.

 5. Convenient Portability

 The POCO series is designed to fit conveniently in your pocket. The POCO X3 weighs less than half a pound yet still provides powerful and precise performance.

 6. Dual Drip Tip

 With dual drip tips, you can choose how much you want to inhale when using either the traditional bowl shape or the classic cone shape.

 7. High Heat Resistance

 The ceramic heating chamber provides high heat resistance, making this unit perfect for vaping concentrates. It can handle temperatures ranging from 200°F to 450°F (93°C to 232°C).

– The 1 Product You Must Try!

 A revolutionary product created specifically for Cannabis Growers! PocoCannabisX3 Pro (PCX3) helps growers increase yields while producing larger buds with less effort. PCX3 uses science and patented technology to create the most effective method of delivering concentrated CO2 to any grow environment. We’re giving away 25 free kits valued at $500+ each to our YouTube subscribers!

 How To Select A Good Marijuana Grower

 In this video i go over how to select a good marijuana grower. Sometimes you need to do some research before selecting someone who you should spend your hard earned money on. So does not mean you throw caution to the wind. Understand that choosing a person to help you make money with their skills is going to have big payoffs. People way out there would kill for these services. What matters to me is searching for a person that we both feel comfortable with, and produces great results.


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