Panda Nike Dunks

Panda Nike Dunks

Panda Dunks are a sort of Nike Dunk Low tennis shoes that have white and dark variety obstructs that make them seem to be like pandas. The 2 sets get their epithet from their completely shaggy upper and high contrast tone. The Nike SB Dunk Low Pigeon of 2019 was likewise nicknamed Panda in view of its tones and materials utilized. The vast majority are totally ignorant about their reality. So a cool epithet and exemplary tones are sufficiently not. Nike’s well-known Panda Dunks, or the Dunk Low Retro, as they call it.

Justification for Panda Nike Dunks Prominence:

The Panda Dunk colorway is fundamental to the point that anybody that needs to get into dunks without focusing on a costly restricted pair can get them and tap out. The high-contrast variety plot essentially goes with anything! Click/tap the picture to search for these on eBay!

The fixation on pandas likewise comes from the way that they are unbelievably interesting, Doty said. However much cherished, there are something like 1,600 of them in the wild, and around 300 in bondage, most in China. “Many individuals love pandas and have never had the opportunity to see them face to face,” she said.

Where did Panda Dunks come from?

The starting points of these outlines return to the 90s skating period when Nike SB appeared. Everything began when Virgil Abloh, the lord of streetwear, picked them as top choices for a joint effort with Grayish. The rest is history.

How long has Panda Dunks been out?

The “Panda” Nike Dunk Low was first delivered in 2021, and from that point forward, the shoe has been routinely restocked on Nike’s site. The brand is additionally expected to deliver various adaptations of the style not long from now, including the “Panda” Dunk Curve as well as the “Red Panda” Dunk Low, both dropping this fall.


Since the first delivery in the Spring of 2021, the shoe has been very hard to get for the measly retail cost of $100, constraining hordes of sneakerheads and hype beasts the same to pay twofold at times to catch a couple. The Nike Dunk Low ‘Panda’ is evaluated at $145. The Nike Dunk High ‘Panda’ is evaluated from $133.

Is Nike dunk panda worth purchasing?

It’s your style and your closet, so assuming that you need a shoe that will go with essentially anything, you’d be unable to find a preferred shoe over the Panda Dunks. While the quality is quite terrible on the tennis shoe, it’s as yet a good arrangement in the event that you can track down them for retail.


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