Nike Pegasus 39

Nike Pegasus 39

This is an unbiased running shoe with a mix of Respond padded sole froth and two districts of Zoom Air in the impact point and forefoot. The Pegasus 39 keeps on running thin yet obliges a piece over the long haul as the upper stretches.

Does this is for everybody?

It’s for everybody, from speed walkers to regular coaches and long-distance runners. For a large number of years, sprinters have gone to the Pegasus for its dependability, solace, and unbiased help. The Pegasus 40 offers equilibrium and dependability for forefoot and impact point strikers. It is a running shoe for nearly everybody.


Your workhorse with wings gets back to assist you with pushing through the downpour. A water-repellent completion assists to keep you with drying while a comfortable wool-like feel within assists save your feet with warming for terrible weather conditions runs.


On the run, the Pegasus 39 is adaptable and changes flawlessly through each step. The Respond padding in the current year’s variant is by all accounts milder than last year, which most sprinters will appreciate. I took this up to 11 miles on my runs and it demonstrated as agreeable from the initial step to the last.

Which one is better 38 or 39 Pegasus?

The padded sole presently has two Zoom Air sacks over the Pegasus 38’s forefoot-just design, so there’s a superior feeling of padding balance. The Respond froth thickness is likewise milder than the 37 and 38, and that creates a more elevated level of ride solace.

Worth buying

 The Nike Zoom Pegasus 39 is both solid and responsive contrasted with other running shoes that we tried, prompting an extremely strong feel and a presentation situated stage. The upper adds to execution by being cozy in the midfoot while limiting the toe-box to give a secured feel.


The Pegasus 39’s perfect padding makes it a fantastic treadmill running shoe. The elastic carries give certainty and rousing footing over elastic belts. That implies that the Pegasus is exceptionally near being the ideal do-it-all-impartial coach.


The Pegasus 39 was delivered in April 2023 and is very somewhat more costly than the Pegasus 38 was while new, retailing at $130/£125. All things considered, it’s still really reasonable for a regular running shoe and is less expensive than any semblance of the New Equilibrium 1080v12, or the Asics Gel Glow 25.


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