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MP4 Player

MP4 Player (Video)

The MP4 player is the most commonly used video format. There are many players, including portable ones such as Apple’s iPod Nano and iPhone 4S, and larger devices such as Sony PlayStations, Google Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S3, and others. Video files are encoded in H.264 MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codec format. A standard MP4 file consists of several individual streams; each stream represents a specific type of content, and some of these may not have any audio or video. For example, the metadata stream contains information about the video clips (e.g., title, author), while the data stream stores the actual video and sound data.

MP4 Player (Audio)

MPEG-1 Audio Layer III (also known as MP3 audio) is the popular audio format. MP3 is a loss compression scheme that uses psychoacoustic models to remove redundant information and reduce file size without significantly degrading quality. MP3 was originally developed by Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Foddering der angewandten Frosting envy. under contract to Philips Electronics Nederland B.V. for use with their Laserdisc players. Most modern music storage formats are based on MP3.

MP4 File Extension

MP4 stands for Marisa Mixed Object Container Format. MP4 is a container for storing multimedia files containing both video and audio tracks. These files may be streamed over the internet via HTTP protocol or they can be saved locally using applications that support the format. The MP4 file extension generally indicates a valid MP4 file.

MP4 Player

An MP4 player is software and hardware that play back MPEG-4 files. Generally, these devices have the following features:

 • Media playback capabilities (including music).

 • Storage space to hold content (up to 2 GB) and metadata.

 • Metadata storage of track information including artist name, album title, and song title.

 • A touchscreen interface.

The MP4 file format was developed by Apple Computer Inc., and is based on ISO/IEC 14496 standard. An MP4 file consists of a container holding various types of data pertaining to audio and video, along with metadata describing the contents of the file. MP4 is compatible with MPEG-2 and H.264 video codecs.

Digital Camera

 A digital camera is a device that captures images using electronic sensors instead of chemical film. A camera’s sensor creates an image of what it sees, which is then digitized and stored in memory. Modern cameras use CCD technology to capture color images, while some older models used CMOS technology. A flash may be built into the body of the same unit or separate. All current digital cameras have relatively good optics and a viewfinder, though not always a monitor.

 3. USB Drive

 USB drives allow users to store data onto a portable drive attached via USB port. The USB port provides power via a cable attached to the computer’s supply line, allowing the computer to read and write to the drive without requiring its own internal battery. These external hard disk drives are commonly referred to as “thumb drives” due to their small size.

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