Mbbs vs Md


MD’s are great for beginners because they have a solid base of knowledge about how to use them. MBBS’ provide much more advanced information than MD’s do. MBBS’ also have years of experience behind them. When choosing between these two types of fertilizer, choose the MBBS over the MD if you want deeper levels of education about what you’re doing with your plant. Mbbs vs Md

 MBBS  Master Botanist/Budtender Specialist

 MD  Master Herbalist/Dabber Specialist

1. Which cannabis strain should I use?

 There are many different types of strains out there. But not all strains are created equal! What makes each strain unique is their genetics, genetics, and genetics. So first off, what do we mean when we say a “cannabis strain”? A cannabis strain is simply the “type” of cannabis. There are hundreds of different strains of cannabis ranging from Sativa’s to Indica’s to Hybrid’s (Indica x Sativa). These terms are actually just a classification system to help people understand how certain cannabis strains work together in the body. When you smoke marijuana you generally get two effects; the “high” feeling and then the medical effect. The high comes from THC, while the medical effect comes from CBD. In order for someone to have a “medical condition” they need to have a particular amount of THC in their blood stream.

 2. Is mbb’s legal in the states where i live?

 In Canada, MBB’s are currently illegal in all provinces except Quebec.

 3. How does mbb’s compare to md’s?

 MDB’s are considered to be more psychoactive than MMB’s. Many MDB users report feeling more euphoric and energetic. However, many MMB’ers still find them to be effective in treating pain and anxiety related conditions.

 4. Do i need to buy both mbbs and md’s?

 It is best to purchase both if you plan on using both at once. You can choose to mix your MMB’s with your MD’s or vice versa. If you are a beginner, it is best to start with a low dose of MMB’s and slowly increase until you find the perfect dose for you personally. Remember, the dosage varies from person to person so don’t feel bad if it takes longer than others to find the right product for you. Mbbs vs Md

 5. Does mbb’s make me look stupid?

 Not at all! Just remember to always keep in mind what you are smoking. There are many different types of blends and products that claim to treat specific ailments. Always consult your doctor before trying any new medication.

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