Lizard from Monsters inc


What is a lizard from monsters inc?

Inc: Inc is an abbreviation of incorporated.

In 2001, Lizard from Monsters Inc.’s computer-animated monster comedy film was released. This film was for  Walt Disney Pictures. Walt Disney Pictures is an American film production company. 

Randall Boggs is a chameleon-like monster.  He was a member of Monsters University.  Also, he is a member of the Roar Omega Roar fraternity. Randall’s nickname was Randy.  Inc word full meaning is a company’s business structure is a legal corporation. Randall is a monster that looks like a lizard. He has small and sharp teeth. He has two eyes.

The color of his eyes is green. There are three fronds on the top of his head. The fronds are large, divided leaves. Randall has three fingers. The color of these scales is dark purple. But the scales of his tail are blue. Randall’s big fear is fungi, which usually annoys him. He entered in child’s room when they were sleeping. He records the voice of these children and this is a source of power for him. Freshman Randy Boggs has big wishes for college life. Lizard from Monsters inc

This ugly lizard and his legs and arms plan to scare people. He is ready for plays an important role. In Randy decided to make cupcakes for this party to entertain the people. Randy tries to offer cupcakes to some girls.

Later he helped Mike study by asking him questions about phobias. In the event, randy scared a child but he fails in this. Due to his weak try to scare a child gave 7.5 marks out of 20. Now Monsters Inc. games are available. Randall is greedy, rude, competitive, and overall evil. Randall is a foolish teenager. He is always with Mike. Mike was forced to befriend Sulley, and mike ended his friendship with Randall. Randall is hurt because of this and starts thinking Mike is a new enemy of him.

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