Lina Meyer

Lina Meyer
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - JUNE 17: Lina Meyer girlfriend of Joshua Kimmich Cathy Hummels wife of Mats Hummels during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia group F match between Germany and Mexico at Luzhniki Stadium on June 17, 2018 in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by Stefan Matzke - sampics/Corbis via Getty Images)

Lina Meyer has been working with me for over 10 years now. She’s not just my assistant but probably my biggest fan! Lina has been helping me since I started this journey and she’s always been an inspiration to me.

 She works out at home with her husband (and sometimes dog) and can be found at any one of their favorite hangouts.

 Her favorite quote: “There are no limits to what we can accomplish if we stay focused!” – Oprah Winfrey

1. The first thing I want to mention is that lina has some awesome stuff going on in Canada right now. They are doing amazing things, but they dont seem to have any media coverage, so this video might help you out. Lina Meyer is a young entrepreneur who has been designing her own products since she was a teenager. Her company, Indica Growers, is helping to empower women in the Canadian cannabis industry through entrepreneurship and creativity. You can find some great information about her at

 2. I couldnt get into hemp like I wanted too, so I used flax instead. I love how its nutty flavor mixes well together. If youre looking for something to mix into your edibles, try this!

3. Nitrate

 This is one of the three major forms of nitrogen that are present in the soil. This form is relatively easy to obtain from your local garden center. It can be added directly into the soil or water, though it should be noted that some people have experienced problems with nitrogen toxicity. If you wish to use this method, it is highly recommended that you purchase potassium nitrate instead of using ammonium nitrate, since it has been linked to carcinogenesis. You may opt to add this to your soil at about half the rate that you would normally fertilize with nitrogen.

 4. Ammonia

 Ammonia is much more difficult to obtain than nitrogen, but if you do find yourself able to acquire any ammonia-based fertilizer from your local nursery, it’s worth trying. As mentioned before, ammonia tends to cause serious damage to your crops (and humans), so it is best to get it from a reputable retailer rather than homemade. Many fertilizers contain both urea and ammonium compounds, while others only carry one or the other. Again, it is better to buy the product specifically labeled for cannabis rather than trying to create your own mixes.

 5. Nitrogen Sulfate

 Nitrogen sulfate is a combination of nitrogen and sulfur; this allows for it to perform many functions in conjunction with nitrogen. In particular, nitrogen sulfates help improve root formation and overall efficiency, even during conditions of drought. It’s also a much cleaner form of nitrogen, and less prone to being toxic than ammonium nitrate. However, it’s not usually produced in large enough quantities in order to be used in commercial production.

6. Mycelium (mushrooms)

 Mycelium is simply the mushroom shaped fungus that grows underground. This type of fungi is extremely beneficial to the agricultural sector due to its ability to produce healthy fruiting bodies at a faster rate than other types of fungi or microorganisms. Due to its rapid growth, mycelium can be used as a natural fertiliser or organic matter source for plants which are lacking nutrients. Mycelium has proven itself to be highly effective in increasing yield, size, flavour, and overall quality of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs.

 7. Humic Acids

 Humic acid is the major form of humus in nature. It contains many different forms of carbon including fulvic, humin, and humic acids. When mixed together, these three types of carbon create a “green” mixture that is rich in nutrients. This type of carbon is widely known to be one of the most efficient means of organic fertilizer.

 8. Bacteria

 Bacteria are single-celled organisms that have been created solely to live on and consume any type of food. They lack the ability to reproduce, but they play a vital role in the health of our planet as well as of animals. Their existence is constantly being studied and is often incorporated into agriculture and farming practices.


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