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 How much does it cost to start a Cannabis Farm?

 This video goes over how expensive starting a medical marijuana farm can be, how big the end product becomes along with marketing n what kind of return on investment is like. If you ever want to try growing…

┬áThis video goes Over how expensive starting a Medical MarijuanaFarm can be, how big a business it is becoming and what returns you’ll do. Joinpd


 There are three types of farms in California: commercial scale (with each facility producing crops), licensed processors/producers, and patient/cultivation centers. Each type of farming meets the need of different demographic groups.

 Cultivation Center – General public etc.

 Processor’s and producer’s location – Processor Location is where they would normally deliver their product after processing before selling. Producer’s locations may range capitalizing off the demand distribution system.

 Commercial Scale Farms – These are the largest farms :). When acquiring any farm that produces cannabis, investors should expect to pay between $50,000 to $500,000 for them. When these farms are harvested, they’re able to produce anywhere from 25kg to 75k+

 As growers and owners, we understand the need to remain competitive and stay ahead of others. We take our responsibilities serious and ensure all facets of operations are provided accordingly.

1. How To Grow Marijuana Indoors

 2. How To Make Cannabis Oil

 How To Start Growing Weed Indoors – Easy Ways To Get Started 2

 The best way to get yourself started building your small greenhouse and saving money at the same time! We go over some simple ways how to get started making extra income and saving costs… even though they make you homeless. If you want to read more about this guide visit


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