Jock Lewes

Jock Lewes


Jock’s original name is John Steel Lewes. John is his epithet. Jock was brought into the world on 21 December 1913 and kicked the bucket on 30 December 1941. He was only 28 years of age when he passed on. Muscle Head was an English Armed Forces official conspicuous during WWII. He was the establishing chief preparation official of the Unique Air Administration. Its establishing administrator, David Stirling, expressed later of Lewes, “Muscle head could undeniably more truly guarantee to be the pioneer behind the SAS than I.” Lewes additionally designed a hazardous gadget for use by the SAS, the eponymous Lewes bomb.

Early life

Lewes was brought into the world in Calcutta. His dad is an English dad and his Australian mother. The family moved to Australia and Lewes grew up at Bowral, New South Grains.


As a young person, he went to The Ruler’s School, Parramatta.

Lewes go to Christ Church, Oxford, in 1933, where he read ways of thinking, legislative issues, and financial matters. In 1936-37, he was the leader of the Oxford College Boat Club. In 1937 he willfully surrendered his spot in the Oxford Blue boat group, to help it in winning that year’s College Boat Race and finishing a 15-year series of wins by Cambridge. Lewes headed out to Berlin to work for the English Board and, before the occasion of Kristallnacht, was momentarily an admirer of Hitler and the Nazi state. He was portrayed by Alfie Allen in the 2022 TV verifiable show SAS: Maverick Legends.


Lieutenant ‘Muscle head Lewes was a devoted proficient trooper who succeeded as an exceptional powers official. As a fellow benefactor of the Extraordinary Air Administration (SAS), he assumed an essential part in laying out the unit’s ethos and exclusive requirements of preparation and discipline. The Lewes bomb was an impact combustible field convenient hazardous gadget, made by blending diesel oil and Nobel 808 plastic unstable. It was made by Lieutenant Jock Lewes, one of the first individuals from L Separation SAS in 1941.


Jock Lewes was killed in real life in December 1941. He was getting back from a strike on German runways when the Long Reach Desert Gathering truck which he was voyaging, was gone after by a solitary Messerschmitt 110 contender. He was lethally injured in the thigh by a 20mm round from the plane and drained to death.


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