How NSW Health Affects You

nsw health minister Tanya Plibersek says the government will make $500 million available for diabetes research, including diabetes centers at the University of Sydney, West mead and the University of NSW, and hospital programs. This will bring the total funding for diabetes research by the government to about $800 million.


Drought forces land managers to tighten rules on dust, movement in western US

The lack of rain and snow this year is causing dust storms and larger-scale dust storms in parts of California, Colorado, Utah and other western states, leading land managers to make changes to how residents can use land to reduce dust.

Three years after dicing up Ashes: New exhibition shows devastating effects of wildfires

Firefighters in California are battling 18 wildfires across the state, while there is another 16,500-acre fire near San Bernardino, California.


Australia’s Swiss aims to roll-out vitamin drink across Asia nsw health

The maker of vitamin drink Swiss is targeting the Asian market with its first overseas export, a Singapore-made product which is designed to meet the unique requirements of Asia’s health-conscious consumers.

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Perth ‘cannabis capital’ booming with factory openings nsw health

Since establishing itself as an industrial hemp seed and oil-extracting center 10 years ago, west-coast Perth has grown from seed to seed and oil to plant with seven new factories created.

Own to connect with Japan

In January, the NSW government sent SMSes to 3000 residents to let them know a four-day ceremony celebrating the NSW launch of Hokkaido’s bullet train was imminent. When it arrived, most of the SMSes from to 3000 residents to let them know a four-day ceremony celebrating the NSW launch of Hokkaido’s bullet train was imminent. When it arrived, most of the SMSes from Sydney and more than 200 on the state’s north coast had been “swept away” by torrential rain, leaving them waiting to hear what was going on.

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China has turned an old Soviet-era forest into a private resort in the heart of Shanghai

The Zhao long Forest Holiday Resort, in the heart of Shanghai’s financial district, is designed to resemble the home of the title character in The Legend of Monkey, a Chinese animation series that has its roots in the Forbidden City, the emperor’s palace. nsw health

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Manus refugee gets 15-year-old pregnant on Christmas Eve

Lazarus Martin Tasha broke his record for the longest time a boy of 17 has had a baby when he was 17 and a half, by getting a 15-year-old pregnant in Christmas Eve 2016, while on Manus Island.


Virgin has to recognize TPG’s takeover of wireless business nsw health

Virgin Media will have to let its one-time partner take over the wireless division of its broadband business if a $15.7 billion takeover by TPG is successful.

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The Sunday Times

Zoo animals safe during Australian animal flu outbreak

Flu is threatening to kill nearly all the animals in Australia’s biggest zoo.

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The Sunday Telegraph

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The Sunday Telegraph


More than 1000 Australians are set to die from suicide this year, according to a leading mental health charity.

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The Courier-Mail and Courier-Mail

Saint Patrick’s Day 2017 may not have been the same without Scotland’s Krankies, who played the first ever “carnival-punk party” – the origin of punk in Australia.


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