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In this video I explain my personal take on the importance of nitrogen. I discuss the history behind the discovery of this macro nutrient, its function in the body, and how it relates to the cannabis plant.
Nitrogen is one of the essential nutrients that your cannabis plant requires. Without enough nitrogen, the plant will not grow properly. If you’re just starting out in cannabis cultivation, use this video to learn about the most effective methods of fertilizer application. You’ll discover how much nitrogen to apply and where on your plants. Once you’ve become familiar with these basics, you can move on to learning some advanced techniques like no-tillage, irrigation water recycling, and low-stress growing. How many jobs are available in consumer non-durables

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Hey there, welcome back to another great video! In this video we’re going to talk about something everyone always asks us about: What does “N” mean? Well, before CO2 was ever sold as food, let alone fuel, it was originally applied experimentally as fertilizer. Around the middle of the 20th century, the government began to manufacture “N Free” fertilizer as farmers bought N levels across America started running short. That is until GaryRichardson and his associates at ColoradoState University discovered the first viable synthetic chemical alternative. However, it would not become widely commercially available until after the turn of the millennium. Since then, there have been further discoveries of replacement chemicals — both naturally derived and artificially manufactured by man. But many companies still market their own line of nitrate-free fertilizers and pesticides. How many jobs are available in consumer non-durables

If you want to know what urea is and how it affects your plants, check out this amazing resource from Michigan State University

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