How Did Mr Krabs Die

How did mr krabs die

Krabby Patty’s was owned by Mr. Bighead. He was the head chef at his restaurant. His recipe included blue crab meat, mayonnaise, and lettuce. These ingredients were mixed together and then deep fried until crispy. However, he died after eating it. Unfortunately, the dish wasn’t cooked properly and had an extremely high level of mercury inside of him. How Did Mr Krabs Die

In the movie “Spongebob Squarepants”, SpongeBob ate some sand crabs. Sand crabs are actually tiny crustaceans that live in sandy environments. They have sharp claws and stingers. After eating them, he became sick and eventually died. How Did Mr Krabs Die

Crabby Patty was the name of a character in “Pinky and the Brain”. Pinky took her brain out of her body and put it into a bowl of salad. She later ate some salad and got crabbified. Later, she realized what she’d done and tried to take her brain back out of her body. Her brain fell off and she died from blood loss.

In “The Princess Diaries”, Mia Thermopolis’ favorite food is spaghetti. One day, she ate too much and almost died.A man named Charles Fries was born in 1878. In 1923, he opened a restaurant called Mister Fries. When he died, his body was buried at Mister Fries.In “The Simpsons”, Homer Simpson once died from eating a contaminated sandwich. He was poisoned by a jar of pickles. In “Dumbo”, Dumbo’s mother ate a poisonous mushroom. She became sick and died soon afterwards. In “The Flintstones”, Fred Flintstone accidentally ate some toxic mushrooms. He went unconscious and died shortly after. In “Ice Age 2”, Manny eats a poisonous cookie. He becomes ill and dies. In the TV show “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, Donatello eats raw eggs. He gets sick and dies. In “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”, Jonathan tries to eat a rare flower. He gets dizzy and falls over. He dies while being transported in an ambulance. In “Rugrats”, Stu Koppman is scared of the dark. So, he tries to hide under the bed covers. He puts his hands under the sheets and dies.In “Ace Ventura Pet Detective”, Ace Ventura catches a rat. He takes it home and cooks it in a microwave. Then, he eats it. He feels weird and goes to sleep. He dies in his sleep. In “Frozen”, Anna eats snow cones. She gets sick and dies in the end. How did mr krabs die

1. Krab’s brain was eaten by a shark and he died

 2. Krab’s leg was cut off by Spongebob and he died

 3. Krab’s arms were blown off by Mr. Octopus and he died

 4. Krab’s tail was cut off by Squidward and he died

 5. Krab’s head was chopped off by a chef and he died

 6. Krab’s stomach was exploded by Sandy and he died

 7. Krab’s legs were blown off by Sandy and he died 

 8. Krab’s left side was crushed by Spongebob and his right side was destroyed

 9. Krab’s heart was smashed by Mr. Octopus in the ocean and he died

 10. Krab’s mouth got stuck open by Sandy and he choked on a piece of food

 11. Krab’s body was frozen by Sandy and she ate him

 12. Krab’s face got chopped off by Squidward and then exploded

 13. Krab’s neck was bitten off by Squidward and Krab died

 14. Krab’s skull split into two halves by Plankton, who then put them together

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