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1. What’s the difference between a seedbank and a seed company?

 A seedbank is where seeds are stored before they’re planted, while a seed company sells their seeds directly to growers. Seedbanks often provide germination tests on their products to make sure that the seeds are viable. However, seed companies test seeds themselves and ensure that they will produce healthy plants when they receive them. HelloFresh Phoenix

 2. How do I know if my cannabis seeds are good?

 The best way to tell if your cannabis seeds are quality is to check their label and look at the information provided. If the label says that the seeds were grown organically, then they should be fine. Also, look at the description on how many days the seeds need to sprout and how big the seeds are.

 3. Do you offer any strains that have been tested for feminized seeds?

 We always try to have feminized strains in our catalog, especially when we get requests from customers. Our feminized seeds don’t cost much more than regular ones, so it’s only fair that everyone gets to enjoy them! We have two feminized seed strains currently available: Girl Scout Cookies and Jack Herer.

 4. Why does some marijuana smell bad even after being cured?

 Cannabis smells really stinky until it’s cured (or dried). This is because cannabinoids like THC evaporate off easily, which causes the odour to remain inside the plant cells. When the plant is being cured though, it’s going through a process called “de-caking” where the buds are left exposed to air to dry out without protection.

 5. Is CBD safe?

 There are several different types of cannabidiol, or CBD oil, including hemp extract, isolate, and full spectrum CBD. Hemp extract contains both CBD and CBDA oils, while isolate contains pure CBD oil. Full spectrum CBD does not contain any significant amounts of THC. CBD is widely known for its effects on anxiety and pain, and has become extremely popular throughout the medical community. As a result, CBD is used in a wide variety of products, including edibles, topicals, tinctures, and even pet treats.

 6. Can I use my own fertilizer for my cannabis crops?

 You certainly can! You just need to find the right fertilizer for your specific type of potting mix. There are many different types of fertilizers on the market today, ranging from liquid organic fertilizers to powdered organic fertilizers to natural composts. All of these fertilizers can be effective depending on what kind of results you want to achieve. HelloFresh Phoenix

 7. Which fertilizer would work great for my indoor cannabis crop?

 For indoor growing, you should focus on using liquid organic fertilizers as opposed to powders. These fertilizers are generally easier to apply, since they will stay in suspension rather than sinking to the bottom of your pots. Because they’re liquids, they won’t create clumps that might cause mold problems. Additionally, you’ll be able to use less of them per plant and still reap the same benefits as compared to applying a solid fertilizer. HelloFresh Phoenix


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