The amount of nitrates in soil is dependent on the type of soil and the region where the soil takes place. When the level of nitrates in soil exceeds 4-8 ppm, then it is harmful to humans, animals and plants. Because of the high concentration of nitrogen, it encourages rapid growth and can increase susceptibility to environmental conditions (like temperature). In order to prevent these problems, you should add some nitrogen stabilizer to your soil. Nitrogen stabilizer helps to maintain the optimum balance between nitrogen and phosphorous in soil. Gogoanime


Phosphorous is the second largest macrominerals after carbon and is one of the most essential vitamins for human body. If we do not get enough phosphorous, then our muscles, bones, blood vessels, nerves, and internal organs may become weak. Phosphorous also helps to provide energy for all kinds of living things. Plants need phosphorous for their metabolic activities and for producing energy. Gogoanime


Potash refers to potassium carbonate and occurs naturally in soils. You can obtain potash from composted manure, bone meal, and other organic materials. Potash is an excellent fertilizer, particularly for plants that have been depleted of manganese. However, you should use potassium at a 1:1 ratio with phosphorous. Gogoanime

Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium sulfate is rich in nitrogen and phosphate. It works by increasing the number of bacteria in the soil that decompose organic matter. It also increases water retention in the soil. Ammonium sulfate is widely available in chemical stores. Gogoanime


Superphosphate contains more than 50% phosphorous and 10-20% nitrogen. Superphosphate is relatively inexpensive and effective when applied in amounts of 2-4 pounds per 1000 square feet (0.36 kg/m^2) of land. Gogoanime

Bone Meal

Bone meal comes from processed skeletons of cattle and pigs. Bones contain phosphorous and protein which makes them perfect for adding back to the soil. However, you must apply bone meal at levels of 1 pound per 1000 square feet (60 g/m^2) or less. Gogoanime

Green Manure

Green manure is food that is thrown directly onto soil, rather than being incorporated into the soil. This includes fresh grass clippings, hay, and straw. These crops require no special preparation before they are planted. Green manure boosts soil structure and fertility while providing temporary green cover.

GogoAnime – Anime Videos & Music! 😀 Cannabis growers need to understand how each nutrient affects their plants. In order to do this, they have to watch the effects of changing levels of nutrients on the crops. Then, once they know what works well and doesn’t, they can move forward and use less fertilizer during the growth cycle. Crop production and yields increase with the right amount of nutrition.

 The best way to provide water is by using the root zone system. You see, the closer a plant comes to the water’s surface, the higher the CO2 concentration is. CO2 content increases the rate of photosynthesis, while water promotes rapid vegetative growth. A balanced ratio of both water and CO2 is necessary. Plants require a balance of these two to stay healthy and produce maximum amounts of marijuana. Gogoanime

 During the flowering stage, many growers increase the amount of nitrogen applied to the potting mix. However, experts claim that applying large amounts of nitrogen will cause males to flower before females. This makes the crop male heavy, which decreases its potency. Because there is no difference between female and male flowers, increasing the amount of nitrogen does not affect the quality of the product. Gogoanime

 However, some growers increase the amount of phosphorous and potassium far beyond the recommended levels. When this happens, the plant starts producing chlorophyll heavily; when the chlorophyll builds up, the plant turns yellow due to high levels of pigment production. The more chlorophyll produced, the lower the yield and the lower the quality of the buds produced, making them dry and harsh instead of sticky and resinous. Gogoanime

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