Flogas was founded in 1970.

Tom Cleary, Patrick Mercer, Eugene Quigley, and John Sheehan were the founder of Flogas. Many individual investors joined DCC Limited as founding shareholders. Flogas is a British company. 

Head office of Flogas:

The head office is located in Leicester. The company has a technical team. They also have an experienced center for their customers. Lee Gannon is the CEO. Flogas have many customers, approximately 175,000. Gas comes from a leading supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Natural Gas in Northern Ireland

How long does Flogas last?

The average lifetime of a fuel oil tank is almost 10 to 15 years. The lifetime of a tank depends on its maintenance.

The threat of theft increased when heating an oil. The solution to this problem is the best security mechanism. You can use as a gas in your home for BBQ making and other home appliances. 

How is a Flogas Company:

Flogas is a fantastic company that earns good benefits. This company is working in a great culture. Talk about their staff, the staff is brilliant. They work very hard for their company. If any issue occurs, they all work together and solve the problem. Gas is filled in a lightweight bottle and is safe. It is a visible gas. Due to its visibility, you can easily know when the bottle is refilled again. Gas is selling Homebase. For Homebase selling Butane Gas Cylinder is used. The weight of this cylinder is 13 kg. They provide the facility of delivery at your home. The cost of delivery they charged you is nothing. The delivery is free.

They do not deliver on holidays like Sundays and any other holiday. But you just place your order through an online portal. They supply LNG LPG to homes and businesses throughout England, Scotland and Wales. They give the whole year. So, wherever you are, we provide you with low prices. Many employees give their positive comments to work in gas. 46% of employees recommended working in Flogas. The price of the cylinder is Euro 25. 


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