Essentia My Health

Here, I am going to talk about Essentia My Health. We discuss What is Essentia My Health?, the mission
and values of Essentia Health and also the services of Essentia Health.
So first we discuss, What is Essentia My Health?
Essentia My Health:
Essentia MyHealth is an online tool that gives Essentia Health patients access
to their health information online, 24/7. You can do it all send a message to your doctor’s office,
view lab results and request an appointment. Essentia MyHealth makes it easier than ever to
manage your health and your family’s health. You can download Essentia My Health application iin
your mobile phone also. It is available on App Store and google PlayStore.
Now I am going to tell you about the mission and values of Essentia Health.
Essentia Health is an integrated health system serving patients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and
North Dakota. Supporting you with more health care resources.
Mission Of Essentia Health:
The mission statement of Essentia Health is very simple. We are called to
make a healthy difference in people’s lives. Our mission is simple to help the people that can help them
to live a healthy and happy life. This calling resonates deeply for our caregivers and our colleagues
working behind the scenes, who all bring high-quality, compassionate care to the patients we are
privileged to serve.
Our commitment to our communities extends beyond the walls of our hospitals, clinics and long-term
care facilities. We partner with other agencies and organizations to make a healthy difference in new
and innovative ways. It’s another way we live our mission.
We also empower people to lead healthier lives. Every day, Essentia is making a healthy difference
in peoples live through efforts to prevent new cases of type 2 diabetes.
Values of Essebtia Health includes, Quality, Hospitality, respect, Joy, Justice, Stewardship, Team work.
Now, I am going to tell you about My Chart login page. Manage your care in the same place but with a
fresh new look and newly added features. Log into the new MyChart experience to learn more. You
have to create an account on My Chart and it is very simple to create an account. When you open My
Chart then you can see a login option if you have already created your account on My Chart then you
just simply have to sign in by giving your user name and your password. If you have not created your
account then you have to create your account first and then you can access to this application.
After you sign in to My Chart you can make appointment with you primary care provider or care team.
You can manage care for your family or your loved ones. Access and view your test results the moment

they are made available. You can visit your care team or you can get urgent care on video chat and you
can also view your medical record. We provide many quality services to our patients to male their live
better, healthy and happy.

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