Dead Sweet

Dead Sweet

What is Dead Sweet?

The warehouse of Dead Sweet is in Newhaven.

Dead Sweet is an online shop that was opened by two people. It is an online shop that was opened during the pandemic. The aim of opening this online shop was for the safety of people. In this online shop, these two people provide food for people at their doorstep. The name of these two people is Grace and partner Kelly Lansdowne. These two arranged bags of sweets. When the pandemic forced people to stay at home, this online business started, and the name was Dead Sweet. At the time of the pandemic, this was a great idea to start this new online business for people. This online shop helps a lot of people very much.

With time, this business was getting more and more successful. In less than a year, they earned a very high amount of euro 1.4 million. That was a great success for both people in their life. This shop is also famous on social media. In TikTok, this shop has 600,000 or more followers. When the business of this shop increased, they also increased their team. Now this team consists of 16 team members. These 16 team members also include their family members and friends. Grace started another business with this online shop. He started a clothing brand. He started this business with his partner  Zoe Holborn. The name of his clothing brand is Glory XV. Dead Sweet now stocks hundreds of products consisting of American, Japanese, Australian, and Chinese sweets, as well as crisps and drinks. 

Dead Sweet has unique flavors and unusual products. Their Pick ‘n’ mix pouches remain the most popular. Due to TikTok,  Dead Sweet is more successful. Due to TikTok,  Dead Sweet is more successful. The maximum number of days for their delivery is 3.

In the beginning, they made mistakes, and delivery was not completed on time. When they started this online shop, they also faced problems, but they struggled. When they started this online shop they also faced problems, but they struggled.

But now they touch the heights of the sky, and their hard work gets unbelievable success. Grace wanted to get more successful. In the future, he wants to open a coffee shop.

In Brighton, he wants to open a coffee shop. Few people can get the success that this couple achieved in less time. We do appreciate both of them for their success.

If we want to become successful in less time, then we should work hard this team plays a very important role. We are very happy for them and want to see them in the future.

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