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D2L Mankat0 is a company started by two brothers who want to bring quality products to people that are looking for a good product at affordable prices. They offer a variety of items including hemp oil, CBD oils, raw Hemp Oil, flower seeds, and live foods. They strive to provide their customers with great customer service and the highest quality products they can find. Their mission statement is simple: “To give people what they need to survive.” D2l Mankato

In this episode we talk about how to build a home greenhouse. We go over the importance of building a greenhouse, and some basic things to think about before beginning construction.

1. Fertilizer

 I use both fertilizers & I mix them together. I use NPK fertilizer (nitrogen phosphate potassium) and then I mix that with blood meal. That’s what I’ve been using since my first year growing. I don’t know if anyone else uses different combinations but I’d love to hear some other ideas! D2l Mankato

 2. Lettuce/Bok Choy

 You should only need 2-3 inches of space between the lettuce and bok choy. If they start touching each other, try to give them a little bit more space. Make sure that they get 6 hours of sunlight per day.

 3. Air Filtering

 Air filtering helps keep your baby plants safe from any kind of fungus or bacteria. You want to filter high quality air into the room where you’re keeping your babies. As those babies grow, make sure that they have proper ventilation.

 4. Watering

 Make sure that you water your babies about once a week. It doesn’t matter how much water they’re getting, just make sure that they stay well hydrated. Don’t let them dry out too much

 5. Temperature

 It’s best to maintain the temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Baby greens grow really fast, so you’ll need to pay close attention to their growth rate. When they hit about 5 inches tall, it’s time to move them to bigger pots.

 6. Light

 The best thing to do is provide 6 hours of direct sun every day. If you can’t do that, at least provide indirect lighting. If you can’t find an area with enough sunlight, consider purchasing LED lights. These lights work great for growing baby greens, radishes, and anything else.

 7. Caring for Your Greens

 If you’re going to do any cropping, cut off your baby greens before you plant them in larger containers. Just trim right above the bottom leaves. If you’re going to harvest, you may want to leave a few extra leaves for later. Otherwise, you may lose some of your baby greens. After you plant them, make sure that you water them regularly. Once they start growing, they tend to become bushy. Don’t worry about making them look pretty; they won’t care! Just wait until they get big enough to eat. Then, it’s time to add flavor!


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