Best ac nits for Arizona
  1. AER-10S
    AER-10S is a high performance fanless air conditioner that uses digital technology to deliver both cooling and heating capacity. It features variable speed control and an intelligent scheduling feature to optimize performance and save power while providing precise temperature control. AER-10’s advanced digital design delivers a quiet, sleek, and modern look. It includes built-in WiFi capability and is compatible with Amazon Alexa voice controls. It comes equipped with an intuitive touchscreen interface, user-friendly LED indicators, and adjustable airflow. Best ac nits for Arizona
  2. AER-20S
    AER-20S is an energy-efficient, ultra-quiet, fanless air conditioner designed for small spaces and multi-room installations. Its compact size makes it the perfect solution for smaller rooms where space is at a premium. Ideal for use in bedrooms, offices, or family rooms, it provides cool comfort without noise pollution or wasted electricity. AER-20 offers three different temperature settings (22°F, 25°F, 28°F) and two different humidity levels (up to 60% or 80%). Best ac nits for Arizona
  3. AER-30S
    AER-30S is an energy-saving, fanless air conditioners ideal for small spaces and multi room installations. Its compact design makes it the perfect fit for any room in your home. It offers three different temperature settings and two different humidity levels. The AER-30S is a smart wifi thermostat that connects wirelessly to your smartphone and automatically adjusts the temperature based on your location via GPS and Apple HomeKit. You can connect to it using any iOS device or Android phone by using its free app. Best ac nits for Arizona
  4. AER-40S
    The AER-40S is a powerful yet quiet air conditioning system designed to provide cool comfort for large homes and commercial buildings. It can handle temperatures ranging from 22°F to 70°F and is capable of reducing average humidity levels to less than 30%. The AER-40S offers four different temperature settings and five different humidity levels. You can check the current setting and change it remotely thanks to its remote access function.
  5. AER-50S
    AER-50S is an energy- saving, fanless air condition system designed for larger homes and commercial buildings. Its powerful compressor unit ensures reliable cooling even under the heaviest loads. It can reduce average temperatures down to 40°F and maintain low humidity levels. It offers three different settings and five different humidity options. The AER-50S is equipped with a powerful motor, automatic defrost cycle, and reverse function. Best ac nits for Arizona
  6. AER-60S
    The AER 60S is a powerful, fanless air condition systems designed for large spaces, multi-room installations and commercial applications. Its powerful compressor unit guarantees reliable cooling even under heavy loads. It can reduce the average temperature down to 42°F and maintain low humidities. It offers three different modes and five different humidity levels, plus an automatic defrost option. The AER-60S can operate 24/7 and is equipped with a powerful inverter drive unit, which helps prevent overheating in summer months.
  7. AER-70S
    AER-70S is a powerful, versatile fanless air conditioner system designed for larger spaces, multi-room installs and commercial applications. Its strong compressor unit allows the AER-70S to deliver cooling capacity in excess of 85 CFM, while maintaining a low profile. The AER-70S offers four different temperature and six different humidity options. It includes an automatic defrost option and operates efficiently in warm climates. Best ac nits for Arizona

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