Ankha Zone +18

Ankha Zone 18

This product provides the following:

 – High potency

 – Low THC levels (0% – 1.8%)

 – Unique terrenes

 – Potent Cannabinoids

 – Free of fillers and sugars

 – comes in a convenient dropper bottle

 – Great taste!

Ankha Zone+18 is a new, super pure CBD isolate that delivers the same effects as our popular Ankha Zone line, but without the psychoactive side effects. This product is derived from the same strains we use in our original Ankha Zone line, giving you the best of both worlds. Each bottle contains 30 mg of 100% cannabidiol (CBD), extracted using CO2 and ethanol.

The first time I tried Ankya Zone, I was blown away. My wife got really sick after taking just a few drops and she was feeling much better the next day. She was experiencing muscle spasms at the time, and now that’s been gone for months. Since then I have started including it in my daily routine and my wife loves it!

I’m not sure if the difference between this extract and the regular Ankha Zone are due to the strain of bud we used to make the base material, or what, but regardless, Ankya Zone is an amazing product. Great price, great quality, great taste.


Hydro is short for “hydroponic,” meaning water-based instead. There are two types of hydro, aeroponic and hydroponic. Aeroponic uses air, and hydroponic uses water (or both). Both types use a medium (such as coconut coir) that holds nutrients.

Aeroponic systems are inexpensive, but require electricity, filtration, fans, pumps, and tubing. They are not considered ideal for home use.

Hydroponic systems are relatively expensive, and require less technical expertise than aeroponic. However, they do need a reservoir, pump, and tubing.

There are many different companies selling kits for building DIY hydroponic systems, some of them are cheaper than others. The best thing to look for is something that includes everything you’ll need, including filters and timers.

When I started my first garden a few months ago, I got a kit from Amazon. As long as you have basic gardening skills, you should be able to do this yourself.

 The best way to learn about hydroponics is to go ahead and get a kit. You won’t regret it!

Air Pumps

 Air pumps are a great way to circulate air throughout your greenhouse without using electricity. They work by pushing air through a tube much like a water fountain.

 You can find them at any local hardware store or online.

CO2 Systems

CO2 is a gas that is produced naturally, usually from volcanic eruptions. Plants use carbon dioxide to make food and create cellular structure, therefore, without enough CO2 you risk stunted growth.

 There are two ways to add CO2 to a hydro system:


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