21 Days From Today

21 Days From Today

The 21 day countdown begins!

 I’m excited to share the video I just finished editing last night. It’s not ready yet, but I’ll have the link sent out to everyone tomorrow morning. Please take some time to watch it and give me feedback. There will be a few extra things added in the final version of the video to make it even better. Thank you for watching!


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 My Playlists:

 1. Nitrogen

 Nitrogen is by far one of the most essential nutrients of the cannabis plant. It is so crucial because it is an integral part of chlorophyl and is key in the process of photosynthesis. Plant tissue is also made up of mostly nitrogen, which is why you will quickly see signs of deficiency when there is an absence of it. For a plant to feed itself and grow, there must be a readily available source of nitrogen within the soil or grow medium. 21 Days From Today

 2. Phosphorus

 Phosphorus is vital to the growth of a plant and is found in every living plant cell. It acts as a stimulant to support important biological response required for new cannabis growth, such as photosynthesis, metabolism, and nutrient uptake. The cannabis plant depends on the availability of phosphorus during all phases of development.

 3. Potassium

 Potassium, the 3rd macronutrient, next to Nitrogen and Phosphorus, is another important catalyst in the cannabis plant. Although the presence of potassium is very limited in the plant tissue, it interacts with nitrogen and participates in the compound of proteins and amino acids. During periods of drought, it improves the resistance of plants and is the main component to the strength of plant tissues.21 Days From Today

 4. Calcium

 Calcium is one of the vital properties to the healthy growth of a cannabis plant and is one of the essential secondary macronutrients of plants. Calcium is needed in all phases of growth and is served in multiple functions. It improves the shifting of nutrients and is crucial in allowing the plant to absorb other nutrients. This is the main reason a calcium deficiency leads to other nutrient deficiencies. Calcium strengthens the cell walls in all areas of the plant and benefits the overall health of the plant. With improving the strength of the plant tissue, this allows for better resistance against diseases, pests, and protects your plant from heat stress. Natural sources of calcium include eggshells, lime, and gypsum.

 5. Magnesium 

 Magnesium is one of the most important secondary macronutrients because it is an element that your plant needs in all stages of life in fairly large quantities. This element is most presently in the leaves and has an immediate impact on the plants ability of light absorption and creating sugars and carbohydrates. Magnesium also plays a crucial part in transforming light into energy. Some important organic resources of magnesium include dolomite lime and Epsom salts. 21 Days From Today

 6. Liquid Nutrients

 Liquid nutrients are typically used for indoor growing, but can be used outdoors too. Liquid nutrients are used for weed plants in soil, hydroponics, and other grow media, and can be pushed through drip lines, misters, and hoses for easy and efficient delivery. 

 7. Organic cannabis fertilizers

 Organic fertilizers are nutrients that come from organic sources such as animal and vegetable waste. They also include sediments like glacial rock dust and gypsum that contain beneficial minerals for the soil and plant. They are common for outdoor growing and usually come in powder form.


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