October 19, 2021


By Usman Mahmood

Sutter Health Online

Sutter health is a medical foundation. Sutter health network is not for the profit network. It is launche dfor the welfare of mankind . It provides high quality personalized care to patients. Sutter health medical foundation provides quality services to its patients include medical services, experienced docttors, nursing services, facilities, patient services, physicians, support services, information services are all high quality services provided to the patients.

Sutter health foundation provides online medical facilities and in the hospitals and also in the homes as well. In the hospitals of sutter health foundation  we provide a quality services, if we were talk about the medical staff and the other staff members then you will find that our staff is very friendly and cooperative to the patient and with their families and the other services of sutter health foundation are also very good all the rest rooms for the families of the patients, operation theaters, birth centers, testing and research labs are well cleaned and of a high quality standard and that’s the reason we say that we provide a quality services to the patients and also our services are good to for our all the staff members. Our staff is well qualified, well disciplined and also experienced staff and they all look after the patients very carefully and they are treated well.

Patients are treated very carefully and the staff of the sutter health foundation is collaborating with the patients and also with families of patients. It is a wonderfull foundation launched just for the welfare of mankind. It provides quality services to the patients and patients are treated very carefully. It provides 24 hour services and another wonderful  is, it is launched for the patients who cannot afford the expenses of high class hospitals who could not be able to afford the expenses of doctors fee and the expenses of medicines. Here we look after all the patients very carefully and it is the best foundation launched only for the welfare of mankind. Our motive is to save the lives of people by providing our services.

Here I am going to talk about the online services of sutter health medical foundation.

We can see that in the panademic condition of covis-19, the life has been stuk in to the homes even you cannot go to the hospitals to your doctors for proper medical treatment and for proper medical check up. It is because covid-19 took the lives of millions of people and in this situation if you want to save your life you should stay ate your home and also you need medical treatment and instructions which is not possible without doctors . So in that condition you can get help online from sutter health foundation .

Sutter health launched My Health Online Application. It is one of the best application which allow patients to access to their health records at any time anywhere.

My Health Online Application is available on the Apple App Store and on the google Play. You can get proper medical guidance at your home on your mobile phone with this application and it is the wonderfull apllication.

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