October 19, 2021


By Usman Mahmood

How to grow your instagram account?

How to grow your instagram account, how to increase instagram likes and followers? This question revolves around us, I have heard this question many times how to get likes on the shared posts and followers on instagram account. Everyone wants to get fame on social media especially one of the most famous applications named as instagram. The craze of getting fame on instagram account among the people increases day by day. People are sharing such a good stuff like as photos and videos and other posts according to their interest just to attracts the viewers to get likes on the posts and followers on their instagram account to grow their account. They are always in search of magic formula to get likes and followers and also they are trying different methods to get like and followers but all in vain some of them succeeded to get some likes and free Instagram followers

I have one method to get likes and followers a magical trick that can help you to grow your instagram account. The likes you get by the method I am going to share with you are all totally free of cost you should have nothing to pay for it; it is totally free of cost. There is one application named as Getinsta. Getinsta is a mobile application used to get likes and followers. You can get this application from your browser on both android and Ios. Now I am going to share a method how to use this application. It is very easy and simple to use. Here are the some steps below,

  1. First you should have to go your browser and install this application.
  2. After installing this application tap on the Getinsta icon.  free Instagram likes 
  3. After that you have to sign up, put your name, email id and password to sing up.
  4. If you have already signed up then you just need to login by putting your email id and password.
  5. Then it will ask you to enter your instagram account.
  6. At first when you login you will get 300 coins as a reward by logging in.
  7. Next step is the verification of your email account after verification you will get 800 more coins as a reward from Getinsta.
  8. The coins you get will help you to get more likes and followers to progress your instagram account.
  9. After that it will ask you about your plan depending upon your coins, Let me explain by example, if you have 7200 coins then by exchanging coins you will get 50 followers. Different types of packages are available you can get these packages depending upon your coins.

You can get more coins for exchange to get likes and followers on your shared posts. Open someone’s account when you like his or her post then you will get 20 coins and when you follow his or her account then you will get 100 more coins.

I hope you understand and you should get benefit by using this application to increase your instagram accounts free followers for Instagram.

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