October 19, 2021


By Usman Mahmood

App review for iTop VPN

VPN stands for virtual private network. It gives you privacy online, it is used for security purposes and also we can use VPN for gaming, streaming and also to open the banned websites. You have used many VPN before but you did not get better experience.

I am going to discuss about iTop VPN. Personally I am using this VPN and this is the best free VPN for Windows I ever used, What is the reason I a saying this?

So many people use VPN for gaming and streaming. If you use this VPN for gaming then you will feel better experience as compare to the other VPN. You feel better gaming experience by using iTOP VPN and in this VPN you can see many features you can see dedicated gaming feature and dedicated streaming server and these are the two things people use VPN for and in the paid version you can see more features.

So, iTOP VPN is available on windows ( VPN for Windows) on android devices and iOS. So this VPN is free, fast and secure too and in this VPN you can see three protocols discussed below.

  1. Transmission control protocol (TCP). It is a very secure protocol, so if security is your concern then you can choose this one.
  2. The second one is user data protocol (UDP). It is mostly used for the high speed if you face issue with the speed then you can use iTOP VPN and this is best for you.
  3. The last one is auto.

So let’s talk about the main thing that the people are concern about, which is speed. So if you use this free VPN then you have no issue with the speed and this is very good thing for the streamers and gamers so let’s talk about another mode which is the fastest mode. So, it will automatically connect to the fastest server and this is wonderful thin in the iTop VPN and these are all things  I am talking for totally free and if you use the paid version of iTop VPN then you can see more features and more countries to connect. So in the paid version you have more options to choose server manually like America, UK, Germany etc. So in the paid version you can get dedicated server for Netflix, I player and Disney server and you can also see better gaming servers.

You just download iTop VPN from your browser and install in your device. When you install this VPN then create your account by singing up. If you have already your account on this VPN then you just have to sign up by giving your email id and your password then you can use this VPN for free and also you can get its free services. This VPN is available for Windows for Android devices and also for iOS. You can easily get this VPN from your browser. So if you are thinking about any VPN then you can consider this one because this is the best VPN and I believe you won’t regret.

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